The PayPal phishing challenge

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Here’s a quick and easy test from PayPal. So you think you’re good at spotting genuine emails from phishing emails….. Take the PayPal phishing challenge and see how you measure up. Can you can score a perfect five out of five?

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  1. Q1 : Phishing is a form of fraud designed specifically to steal your identity

    Mark’s answer : FALSE . Phishing is a form of fraud intended to lead you into a sense of security by using familiar logo’s, web addys, email addresses etc to put you at ease and allow the phishee to gain access to your financial as well as personal information, therefore it’s not, as the qustion is worded, SPECIFICALLY to steal your identity (I doubt the phishee intends to pay your phone bill and romance your other half), but more accurately it wants access to your personal info & your money for dubious purposes. So , after some careful thought about how these cunning online tests work, the answer to the question asked is : although phishing mails ARE always designed to rip you off, No, they are not SPECIFICALLY for identity theft.

    Ha. Didnt catch me out there! 5/5 for me, nae bother.

    PAYPAL official Answer : “TRUE. Usually, a phishing email will have a fake story that’s designed to lure you into clicking a link or button in the email or calling a phone number. The sender is trying to steal your identity by tricking you into revealing your password or other personal information.”


    Not only are they accomplished monopolists, creative accountants , extortionists and scam artists with a loose grasp on the realities of currency exchange; Paypal are also seemingly adept at inserting “open to interpretation” legaleese into their “helpful” online tests…

  2. Oi!

    Im perfectly able to make myself look like an idiot without anyones help, ta very much!


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