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When Auctionbytes announced eBay alerts on Skype I just had to test it out! Instant message alerts if I’m outbid or an item I’m watching is about to end – perfect!

It’s not as simple as it sounds though – firstly you need the latest version (3.1 or above) of Skype. The tricky part for users is working out how to sign up for the alerts. The US announcement says you can sign up in your My eBay Preferences, well you can, but not on the UK site. If you want to sign up you’ll need to log into to add Skype as an option.

Skype Alert

Having set your preferences I’m pleased to report that Skype notifications work perfectly well with items your watching or bidding on in the UK. Within minutes an item I’d already got on my watched list prompted a popup in Skype as time counted down into the final fifteen minutes.

One word of warning though, once you sign up for Skype IM notifications on you’ll need to edit your preferences on the .com site in the future. The UK site now throws up the following warning when I go to re-edit them.

Skype IM not available on

I guess I should have waited until Skype notifications were announced for the UK :-p

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  1. Wonder why the ‘idea’ came from ?

    We tried to do this with AuctionTrax – it has the functionality to send customised email reminders for ‘about to end’ and we wanted to include SMS notifications, but was too expensive to implement.

    So we went down the Skype route, and got the OK from Trust and Safety to send a clickable link via Skype to notify and bid from, we could only do the ‘link thing’ as there was no API interface to create the Skype Alert window as seen above.

    We didn’t implement it in the end, as it looked messy and was rather a long url to display as a Skype ‘chat’ thing.



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