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eBay Italy have announced a few changes to their fees this afternoon. Valid from 28th August, the fee to add a buy it now price to an auction will double from €0,05 to €0,10.

In line with eBay’s general policy of discouraging reserve prices, these have been increased by 50%:

Start price Current reserve fee New reserve fee
€0,01 – €99,99 €2,00 €3,00
€100,00 – €499,99 2% of reserve price 3% of reserve price
€500,00 and above €100,00 €150,00

eBay.it’s current fee schedule says that until 30th September, media categories will benefit from their own fee schedule: 5c insertion fees and 9% FVFs. There’s currently no word as to whether this tariff will stay or not: it’s always been announced as a promotion rather than an actual fee change, and was last due to end in June.

What might this indicate for the UK? I’d expect reserve fees to go up: eBay don’t like reserves, buyers don’t like reserves, and some sites like eBay Spain have already got rid of reserve prices altogether. An increase on BIN fees wouldn’t surprise me either: 6p to add BIN to an auction is currently one of the more keenly priced fees on eBay’s site, and can be used as a lucrative (if rather risky) way to keep your insertion fees to a minimum. I’d expect this to be increased to around 10p here.

Of course, there’s been no word of fee changes in either the UK or Germany yet. Either the smaller European sites are getting their news out of the way first, or we’re getting off lightly this summer. I know where I’d lay my bet 😉

3 Responses

  1. Odd that Belgium and France both changed the gallery fee structure, but Italy didn’t.

  2. Quoting Bill Cobb at eBay Live! 2007 (Keynote speech)

    “There will be no listing fee increases on eBay this year”
    “Let me repeat that in case you missed it – we will not be increasing selling fees over the next year”
    (more applause)
    “After eBay Live, I’m taking a 3-month sabbatical”

    ……. sooooo, Bill is away during July, August, and September, and lots of little fee hikes creep in site by site worldwide.

    Says it all about FeeBay really, doesn’t it?


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