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eBay Ireland have launced an “e-Parcel Card” which gives preferential postage rates at local automated post offices via An Post. Currently it’s a pilot program which will run until 30th April 2008. This is fantastic news for Irish sellers, I just wish eBay in the UK could negotiate a similar discount!

Currently in the UK, PayPal postage gives no savings for Royal Mail postage, but Parcel Force deliveries booked through eBay gives a saving against their normal rate card.

I’m really impressed to see eBay Ireland leading the way with benefits for their sellers. For a smaller eBay territory they’re working hard to make selling on eBay an attractive proposition.

5 Responses

  1. I suppose it may placate some Eire sellers – who have a BIG gripe at the moment !

    Many are affected by the (50) feedback rule to list on sites other than .ie

  2. The e-card relates to PARCELS only and does not benefit those who mail packet size (probably the majority of Ireland sellers). A good idea, if extended to include packet mail. The main issue at the moment relates to the fact Ireland sellers with less than 50 feedback cannot list on other sites. This rule does not apply, for example, to UK sellers or sellers on the island of Ireland who reside in Northern Ireland and on the face of it appears to be discrimination. Perhaps it’s just an oversight and could be corrected immediately?

  3. I know I most certainly dont speak for ALL sellers in Ireland, but I am in regular contact (social & electronic) with about 30 “volume” sellers here, none of whom have ever sold a ‘parcel’ sized lot on Ebay.

    It will of course benefit some sellers, but will not benefit the majority. (“phew!” sighs a relieved An Post accountant) .

    It’s a good start, but has to be expanded further if its to be fully congratulated.

    Anyway, it wont make a blind bit of difference what beneifts ebay.ie introduce for the new .ie seller, ‘cos if they dont act quickly on what appears to be blatant cross border discrimination regarding Irish sellers, there wont be anyone registering to avail of them…

  4. What I find interesting is that the UK based designated Pink for Ireland posted on Ireland Trading Board shortly after 1.00am today, to announce the e-parcel scheme, a full 12 or 14 hours after most of us had been notified by email and the notice having appeared on the Community Notice Board. Somehow she managed to post and leave in the small hours of the morning without addressing the issue of the ‘less than 50 feedback’ Irish sellers. That post was right at the top when she arrived. I take it there is no real answer to this one, except discrimination?


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