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Auctionpix have announced the launch of another product designed to make buying and selling on eBay easier. Slideshow creates a gallery from your auction and BIN items which can be used to cross-promote between your listings. It’s free to use if you insert the code in your auctions yourself (though if you want it automatically posted for you, you’ll need a paid-for Auctionpix account @ ร‚ยฃ40 pa). There are a few of these slideshow widgets about, but Auctionpix’s is my favourite for a few reasons.

Firstly, it’s not all about the advertising: there’s a discreet link back to auctionpix in the top right, but it doesn’t have the IN YOUR FACE links that some others (Auctiva, for example) use.

shown smaller than the real version so it doesn’t break our layout!

Secondly, it’s intuitively easy to use – move the mouse pointer to the centre, and the slideshow stops. Start moving left or right and the pictures slide with you. Move the mouse further out, and the pictures move faster: “just to be different”, says creator Eddie St Clare, but I think this is a very useful feature, especially when a seller has hundreds of listings to look through.

Finally, it’s more flexible in what you display. The eBay ID can be any that you choose – though eBay’s link policy says it must be an ID that you own. You can also filter by eBay site – so if you’re listing on multiple sites, you can promote just the relevent listings. (Sites currently supported are .com, .co.uk, .ca, .ie, .fr, .de and .com.au.)

Items on display are auction and BIN listings only: SIF is not included. While this does give eBay’s own slideshow the edge if you’re using it in a promotion box, you *are* limited to using that in promotion boxes. If you’re looking for an easy way to show off your other items in the body of your listings, Auctionpix’s slideshow is a definite winner. Go give it a try.

12 Responses

  1. Thats cool. Just stuck my house on eBay for 99p to see how much traffic it would generate into my shop, have added auctionpix to it now.

  2. Tis a bit much to waste peoples time with a sign post listing. Property listings are for people who want to sell their house, not to see how much traffic you can generate ๐Ÿ™

  3. Hmm interesting – will definitely have to investigate. I use Vendio atm and I do like it, but it isn’t cheap, especially now I have moved pretty much all shop stuff onto 30 day listings (as opposed to 90 day or GTC).

  4. Chris, I don’t understand your comment, my house is for sale at the moment so I am not pretending to sell it just to generate traffic, if the right offer comes in I will sell.

  5. Oh right, it read that you’d stuck it on eBay “for 99p to see how much traffic it would generate”, not that you listed it on eBay because you were serious about selling it ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  6. Chris, I’ve tried both 30 & 90 day listings, and my experience is that 30 day listings sell better ๐Ÿ˜‰ They are more likely to sell (even in a shop) just after listing or just before they end, so 3 x 30 day listings gives more of those opportunities than one 90 day listing. I’d rather pay slightly higher fees & have more sales. I know I can’t use mark down sales (although experience with those seems patchy anyway), but I just mark stuff down manually & put it in my clearance section of the shop.

  7. Is this the same gallery as the one on the AuctionPixie website, is it a new one or old one, are they even the same company?

    I don’t know if this blog accepts links or not, but the AuctionPixie gallery is here: [your link has been removed for spamming]

    It’s be interesting to know?

  8. The reason I like the Auctionpix Gallery is the variable speed scrolling and the fact that the advertising is discreet. I want to sell the products I have listed on eBay, not use my auctions as adverts for other companies products and services!



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