Listing designer crashes on cheap listing day


Sellers have been busily listing on today’s Cheap Listing Day but all hasn’t been smooth sailing. It so often happens that there’s a glitch on the site just at the busiest periods and today’s no exception. The most commonly reported problem has been that images in auctions are appearing as thumbnails rather than full size images.

eBay have now announced that there is a problem with Listing Designer which they are working on. Any templates sellers have selected are currently unavailable. Sadly listing designer is used by many, not for templates, but simply to change the location of the image on the auction layout.

Currently it’s not clear if when eBay fix the problem if auctions already listed will automatically recover and correct themselves, but in the mean time if you’re still creating listings for today’s cheap listing day we’d recommend not using Listing Designer.

(Listing designer costs seven pence per listing but the fee is waived if the seller uses TurboLister or subscribes to Selling Manager Pro)

3 Responses

  1. Oh Fantastic – Not!!!

    I scheduled hundreds of listings for today, all use listing designer, and they started going live at 00:15 this morning and will still be going live up until 23:55 tonight.

    I also relisted around 100 listings that had all used listing designer first time around.

    Luckily, 90+ of them are repeated in my shop as standard run-time stock.

    Is this glitch affecting previously loaded listings too?

  2. Answering my own question – Yes it is

    All listings, whether loaded before today, or loaded today are affected.

    However, the images ARE appearing in the normal (bottom of page) position at normal “semi-full” size – they always did get shrunk a bit in this position on the page.

    I noticed an additional glitch – some listings I just checked are also NOT displaying the shop categories side menu when viewing the listings pages.

    Some are, some aren’t – go figure – standard fare for eBay (no consistency).


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