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This shamelessly stolen from Dan: Mashable has a huge list of third-party eBay add-ons for both buyers and sellers. Some of my own favourites – Spoonfeeder, Toolhaus, Auction Stealer and various nosiness research tools – are on there.

One word of caution though – any OSCommerce users getting all excited about Auction Blox, it requires a custom checkout from eBay in just the same way that Marketworks and Channel Advisor do. If anyone out there wants to develop a not-quite-real-time system that would import my eBay sales data via File Exchange or similar, so it’d help me without inconveniencing my customers, I’ll be all ears.

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  1. Could you drop me a note explaining exactly what it is you want. I have no idea if it is doable but it sounds like it can be done with the eBay API.

    Would you want the output in excel or flat file or what and how would you want it summarized?



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