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You’ve heard of speed dating, but today Speed eBay hits the streets, ready to bring the thrill of the auction to summer shoppers in person. eBay have designed a special booth which allows three buyers to bid against each other in live auctions lasting just five minutes. Bidders will have the chance to win a range of specially selected items, from a haircut from Victoria Beckham’s hairdresser or one of Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen’s suits, to a star named after them, a helicoptor piloting lesson or a drive in a Ferrari. eBay themselves are acting as the vendor for all items, which are not listed on the main site, and the profits will go to charities Oxfam and the British Heart Foundation.

eBay spokesman Richard Kanareck told me today that they hope to recreate the thrill of the auction experience that’s unique to eBay. With people away from their desks and PCs over the summer, it’s the perfect moment to remind them of eBay while they’re out in the sunshine, and that has to be good for both sellers and buyers. While there are no current plans for further dates, Richard said “we’ll see how it goes; we think people will love it”.

If you want to go along and see for yourself, this is where the booth will be:

  • Soho Square, London – 9th August
  • London Victoria Station – 11th August
  • Birmingham New Street Station – 18th August
  • Manchester Piccadilly Station – 25th August

eBay’s own figures on the British love of sniping (waiting til the closing moments of an auction to bid) are astonishing: 31% of bidders wait until the last five minutes to bid, 23% leave it to the last minute, 18% wait until the nail-biting last 30 seconds, and an amazing 9% hold on until the last ten seconds to place a bid. Presumably those figures include many who use sniping software, but it’s still an astonishing testament to the British love of a bargain.

If you go down to the booth, let us know how you get on. Happy bidding!

7 Responses

  1. Wish I could Michelle! If you go, let us know what it was like 😀
    (and if there are any more designer shoes for under £40, I’m a size 6!)


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