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A fifteen year old school boy, Sanchit Bareja, has won Singapore’s Enterprise Day Challenge where students and groups of school children competed to sell on eBay.

To win he sold SG$16,800 (about £5,500) during the course of the competition which ran from 14 May 2007 to 1 July 2007. His prize, SG$1500, was won by monitoring the prices electronics were selling for on eBay and listing his items at more competitive prices. He didn’t reveal his profits, but I’m guessing they weren’t great (the cheapest price isn’t likely to be the most profitable) but you have to admire his total sales!

Many sellers are feeling increasing competition from International sellers, and that’s only likely to increase as sellers like Sanchit finish their education and start up in business full time. The question I have to ask is why are school kids in Singapore getting an IT education so far in advance of children in the UK? I may be wrong, but I’ve not heard of a similar enterprise where children are encouraged to run an online business but it’s a great idea.

5 Responses

  1. i wonder if i could get away with supervising my 10 year grandson in a beer drinking competition then

  2. so all these underage accounts were only for the duration of the competition then ????

  3. I am not sure if the Young Enterprise scheme is online now, I suspect it probably is. Back in my school days a very long time ago we did quite well seperating folk from their folding money with all sorts of tat.



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