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PayPal signPayPal are selling off the 15 ft x 4 ft version of their old logo which used to hang in their California offices. Weighing in at 500lb, the sign is available for collection only. The auction benefits environmental charity, The Natural Resources Defense Council, a choice that was inspired, says PayPal President Rajiv Dutta, by the names of the colours on the new logo: bright sky and deep ocean.

Of course, one has to ask what anyone but PayPal would do with a fifteen foot PayPal logo. Maybe paypalsucks.com could buy it and set fire to it?

Buyers are welcome to pay with money orders or with cheques, but you should be aware that if you’re paying with PayPal, only confirmed addresses are welcome. After all, who better than PayPal themselves to know what dodginesses can go on? 😉

3 Responses

  1. Couldn’t you theoretically get away with a chargeback if you use PayPal to pay for a local pickup item? There’s no delivery confirmation there

    Not that I’m suggesting anything…

  2. You are correct, John. Sellers allowing collection should *not* take PayPal for those transactions because – as you say – there is no delivery confirmation, therefore (to spell it out for other people) if the buyer claims non-receipt to Paypal, they will *always* get their money back.

  3. Interesting how PP wants to restrict the use of an item they sell. The auction terms pretty much prevent the resale of this item to collectors. If this logo is still in use it should not be offered for sale, period. If PP is concerned with misuse of this sign then it should not be offered for sale, period.

    Adding strings to everything…you cannot block resale of such items with collector value. But given the litigious nature of PP the actual investor value of this item are significantly harmed by these attempted restrictions. Is winner buying the sign or merely a license to “own” the sign.

    We have clients would would love to buy such an item…but why would we invest in this if we cannot resell (without the implied significant hassle via veiled threat of legal action if resold w/o PP’s OK) and make a profit…PP likes profit, right? But I guess we lowly sellers are not allowed the same benefit derived from conducting business.


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