Do you pay your eBay fees via PayPal?


According to the PayPal developer forum PayPal subscription payments stopped working on August 30th and still haven’t been fixed. They’re not expecting payments to be collected until the 5th or 6th of September when all outstanding payments will be processed.

If you pay your eBay fees automatically from PayPal it’s worth checking that they are processed to avoid your eBay account being restricted due to a PayPal glitch.

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  1. Yup – they hit me for a dormant account on which I’d forgotten to cancel Sales Reports plus – that was on 2nd September and they too 3 months worth.

    Luckily there were funds in there to cover it or they might have done the same as in June when they de-associated the bank account because the direct debit was so old and unused the bank refused it.

  2. We expect 3 days of interest for this screw-up again from Paypal & eBay. Make sure you demand interest on the three days. That is their misfortune, not yours.


  3. I made a onetime payment via my Paypal account on 8/30 at 1:35AM. I am set up to have automatic payments and eBayhas been making a mess of the account, restricted in error in July, took 52+ emails to fix.Now although I have verification emails that Paypal received the money and allegedly also accepted by eBay, they have already RESTRICTED my listing which is disastrous. On Webtv I cannot use Live Help. I have emailed every possible dept to no avail and get nothing but more threats from Collections in UK, Australia, Ill etc. Why would they do this when they know it is their error? Waiting for the day the Justice Dept or some agency does something about all this.

  4. In Feb this year PayPal sent eBay my automated payment of around $70 US…

    eBay said the “payment was declined by PayPal”, but the money was never returned to my Paypal account.

    I have written to eBay and PayPal a dozen times. PayPal said “sorry, money sent to eBay”. eBay said “sorry, payment was refused”.

    Rather than try to sort it out, eBay now hide behind their your agreement is with our “registered in Switzerland” company (I am in the UK). eBay’s billing department could not fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

    I find it unbelievable that two large companies, one owned by the other, can’t pick up the phone and sort out what could be a series problem with their systems between themselves!

    (What they don’t realise is who they have pissed-off this time… I work for one of the world’s largest SEO companies and will have satisfaction eventually, at their expense)

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