Fees halved, free gallery and site makeover for eBay Germany

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eBay Germany has had a makeover, and it’s not just cosmetic changes on the eBay.de home page. They’ve announced the new “My eBay” will be live from October. Easy Lister has been introduced to allow casual sellers to create listings within three minutes (Easy Lister is a cut down version of the Sell Your Item form). New search technology is on the way and is in beta testing scheduled to go site wide in the New Year.

eBay Germany have also CUT auction fees in half for listings with a start price of €1 or less. From now until at least the end of the year the insertion fee will be just 49 cents and that will INCLUDE a gallery picture free of charge. German anchor shop fees have already been reduced from €499.95 to €299,95 since 1st September which includes free MarketPlace Research. In a move to assist sellers they have also reduced the cost of telephone support from 59 cents per minute to 14 cents.

A road show has been announced which will visit six German cities to emphasis the fun of buying and selling on eBay. At the same time they have revamped the community pages with updated forums and groups and a live chat facility will be introduced.

Finally the links policy has been updated inline with other eBay sites to allow video within eBay listings and a widget (similar to eBay To Go) allows listings to be easily showcased on blogs and websites.

3 Responses

  1. “have also CUT auction fees in half for listings with a start price of €1 or less.”

    Present start price .25, new with gallery price .49….must be “new math”!

  2. Toby, Gallery on .de is currently an horrendous 75c, so yes, it’s a reduction if you’re currently using Gallery. (And yes, if you’re not then it’s a price hike.)

  3. even so Sue, 49c to list a 99c item – hardly conducive to risking a low start price is it? Especially in the current climate of too many single-bid sales.




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