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No primary category set have announced their new marketing campaign. With the slogan “shop victoriously”, it’s very much promoting the idea of winning, because “it’s better when you win it”. Here’s one of the TV ads:

To seasoned eBayers, this might look like pushing auctions ahead of BIN purchases – as eBay have been wont to do for the last year or so – but actually, I think it’s non-specific enough that newbies might just see the idea of purchasing on eBay itself as winning: perhaps the bargain prices and/or the breadth of merchandise are a win in themselves. I like the message.

Even better news – or at least, it is for US eBayers – is that eBay Gift Cards are finally to be made available. I know I’ve been grumbling about the lack of these for years, so its nice to see them finally being released – though of course I’ll be much happier when they can be bought in Europe too.

One Response

  1. Are you serious? It’s OK to give the appearance that eBay shoppers are Racing dogs for the amusement of the sellers?
    It’s OK to leave the message that handicapped need not bother? I can see animal rights folks being offended by the portrayal of Dog Racing as amusement. This thing is so wrong on so many levels. Did you actually watch this thing?
    There’s and Australian Ad running that builds on the “excitement” of Bidding and Winning that carries a much more accceptable and a Broader message.


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