UK 10p listing day 6th September

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eBay UK is having a 10p cheap listing day this Thursday, 6th September. Insertion fees for auction, auction-with-BIN and buy it now formats across all price tranches will be fixed at 10p. Other listing upgrade fees (including the 6p to add BIN to an auction listing) will be charged as normal. Items priced at 99p or less in media categories which have an insertion fee of 5p normally will keep to their normal pricing. There are a few other restrictions, so do read the small print before you list.

2 Responses

  1. Looks like Cheap Listing Day season is about to start, a 10 cent listing day has just been announced for Canadian residents on tomorrow.

    Typically they only have a few hours notice whereas in the UK we have three full days to prepare listings.

  2. Yup – and there’s still the 5p gallery running until year end for UK Media categories,

    and the all month free listing fee if you buy gallery and start your items under $10 on dot com and Canada

    Not complaining – anything to reduce fees is good in my book – but it does seem they’re going a little over the top this year …..

    …… still wondering how badly the Shops in Search, VeRO, Trans-Atlantic visibility, DSR’s, Seller restrictions on branded goods, international trading restrictions until address verified etc etc etc has really hit them? And with it, just exactly what have we not been told.

    I’m thinking Kris Kristofferson said it best in the 70’s movie “Convoy” – Ducks seem calm on the surface, but underneath they’re paddling like crazy.


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