vzaar launches user-friendly video for eBay

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and it still surprises me just how many eBay sellers don’t realise a picture adds significantly to the number of bids and final selling price. Now the eBay world is changing, it’s time for pictures to be replaced by video.

There are plenty of video hosts out there, but one company, vzaar, has launched a new service specifically designed to make it easy to get your video onto your eBay listing. vzaar.com aims to make it as simple as possible for anyone with an Internet connection to add their own video direct to eBay. Webcams, most digital cameras and even many mobile phones can capture video, the difficult part is how to get that video onto your eBay auction and that’s the part vzaar have made so simple anyone can do it

vzaar is the first video hosting service designed specifically for eBay, there is no HTML to learn, you don’t even have to copy and paste. All you do is click the listing you want the video to appear on and everything else is done for you! With alternatives such as YouTube you need to copy and paste the video code into the HTML of your listing, vzaar makes it simple with just two mouse clicks. What’s even better is that it’s free to use and you don’t even need a camera – you can even use your mobile phone to take the video!

Video gives so many possibilities, suppose someone asks for more information about your eBay listing – what better way to answer than to add a short video clip showing the feature they’re interested in. As soon as a potential buyer clicks on your auction and starts to play the video you’ve captured their attention and an interested buyer is generally the one that places the bid. All the time they’re looking at your auction they’re not looking at someone elses and you can give so much more information in a video compared to pictures.

The coolest vzaar video competition

To celebrate the launch there’s a competiton for the coolest video hosted on vzaar. Every video on vzaar can be voted for with “I like it” stars, if your video gets the most votes by the end of October you’ll win a “vzaar Filming Goody Bag“. The Prize includes a Nikon Coolpix S500 digital camera, Joby Gorillapod, Nikon Coolpix original genuine leather case and that all important 1GB SD memory card.

If you want to get your video noticed (and voted for!) think about what will get people to email it to all their friends. The funnier the video the more likely it is that people will vote for it and tell all their friends about it. To get you started we’ve made a thread in the TameBay forum so post your eBay auction numbers with your video there and I’ll make sure I vote for yours too! My favourite so far is furryjumpergirl with her acoustic guitar!

9 Responses

  1. Can I get the attractive woman to advertise my items? Or does that part cost extra? 🙂

    Actually this is a really cool site, I think video will really be a big deal for certain types of items

  2. I think videos are awesome. CNET have been doing it for years. I think this is one area all sellers should consider investing in.

  3. Biggles,

    Certainly the early comments we’re getting from vzaar users is that videos are driving buyer confidence and ensuring that, especially in competitive categories, sellers using video stand a better chance of standing out in the crowded marketplace.

  4. Its definitely drawing attention and people are loving it …
    I did include a few videos in my listings on international sites and VIDEOS are here to stay is my feedback 🙂
    Hope we are allowed to upload videos on ebay india too …

  5. I think that videos for sellers are a good idea, and I think that more sellers both on and off eBAy will and should be using them more.

    However I really don’t understand how Vzaar is going to make any money…….they don’t have advertising on their site and they don’t charge for their service.


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