Your monthly eBay seller fees have not been paid

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eBay’s billing software has hit a major glitch and thousands of eBayers have received an email in their “My Messages” and an alert that pops up on their account requesting them to make a one time payment on their fees. This is affecting sellers with an automatic payment method on file to pay their eBay fees.

At this time we have no information as to when the glitch will be rectified or whether it will affect sellers ability to list. eBay support have been unable to give more information other than to confirm the system has sent the emails but sellers accounts *are* in good standing.

UPDATED 12.00pm: eBay have confirmed the emails should not have been sent and request people do not make one time payments.

UPDATED 12.20pm: eBay have now posted an announcement board notice apologising for the confusion. They state if sellers have already made a one time payment they will NOT be recharged in this billing period ๐Ÿ™‚

UPDATED 3.15pm: eBay confirm there is a problem in the US and in France.

UPDATED 23.30pm: And as if by magic the email has disappeared from “My Messages” just as the latest announcement from eBay said it would. ๐Ÿ™‚

11 Responses

  1. Had me in a mad panic this morning, I can tell you. Thankfully via the Powerseller board we got the answers quickly. Not sure about the ability to list, but I did relist one item after I got the message OK.

    See what happens when the kids go back to school and you leave grown ups in charge. LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. No Sue, you’ll be thrilled to hear that I too made a one-time payment with PayPal and resolved to find out what the issue was with my DD later on when I had a moment.

    Nice little earner, ehh. :o)


  3. Yep, a US issue too.

    Many of us received this message this a.m.
    What a surprise to wake up to!!!

  4. Hi! Yup that’s me, Chris. I’m in the US and just signed into eBay only to learn that I too am a fees violator. I pay via auto-CC, not PP. I have not paid via a one-time payment however. If they want my money they can tap me the way they always do every month, without a hitch, until today.

  5. Hi Jeff, I’m guessing eBay’s coffers have filled up nicely this morning with early payments! I was more than a little worried when I saw my account might be limited ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  6. I logged on to ebay at lunchtime from work, and got this. My first thought was that it was an ebay problem, but I phoned my bank to make sure – they said that they had had a few calls about it and it was definitely an ebay problem.
    I thought to hell with them, their problem, they can sort it out and I’m not making a one-off payment.
    I was going to send an email to Powerseller support but I thought I would check here first – so thanks for the info!

  7. oooooooh they got me!! I’m a US user as well. I logged in today and saw the notice…I’ve been having some credit card issues, so I actually thought the decline notice might be true DURH. I just went in and paid my fees without really thinking that they don’t usually charge till after the 7th. Oh well, at least i used my PayPal debit card and got cash back. heh

  8. We had several auctions that started on 9/14 and ended on 9/17. We started them at 99 cents and were billed $2.40 as the insertion fee when it should have only been 20 cents. I’d appreciate feedback from other sellers regarding their listings ending on 9/17 to see whether this was just a glitch with our account or whether it was a systemwide glitch for auctions ending on 9/17. If it is systemwide Ebay literally made millions because of it.


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