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My Messages upgradedIf you’ve not logged into My Messages on eBay today you’re in for a surprise. The promised My Messages upgrade has been implemented and it’s looking good.

I especially like the highlighted messages from eBay, the ability to sort, and especially the bulk delete. I’ve always clicked from my email inbox to reply to messages and finally I can now delete answered messages in bulk.

If there’s one thing I’d change it’s to move the Delete / Save to Desktop / Mark As buttons to the top as I’ll be using them for the most recent messages, not the oldest. Apart from that top marks to eBay to making my messages function more like a proper email inbox!

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  1. one thing i do find strange … am not sure if it is only with me , but alerts 6 months old are also showing up ๐Ÿ™‚ … not sure why its happening

  2. I get the old alerts just click on them and delete. Looks nice enough (ebay express style), not sure why they have done it though.

  3. Mine is broken already! do I win a prize?



    Been like that since this morning, exiting, clearing cookies, & re-logging hasnt shifted it.


  4. Hey Mark, have you tried the “Item counts delayed, refresh” link in your sidebar or my eBay? (assuming that’s where you’re seeing the counter?)

  5. This is nothing more than stage one of it being the ONLY way to contact buyers, soon you wont have their real email address. Sorry, but that’s something i can’t get excited about.

    My email program and server is much much quicker than any web based system that relies on ebay’s servers for emails and a darn sight more reliable. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. I’ve got to agree with Richard there. Whilst I can contact my buyers (and ASQs) via regular email I will continue to do so.

  7. On the other hand it’s no worse than trading on Amazon using their communications….

    I have to say if everyone relied on eBay messages it would eliminate the eBay users that don’t realise their spam settings are hiding emails between buyers and sellers. It could be a blessing in disguise ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Yuch! It looks incomplete – take the size of font for the “My Messages” page identifier – huge, and there’s no need for it. Why not a nice logo of some sort? One that could cache to your PC and be reused.

    The colouring looks bland, washed out, and unfinished too – almost like the designer ran out of time to come up with ideas.

    Functionality-wise, there’s nothing new – everything on the page was there before. All that’s changed is the prominence (or otherwise) that’s been given to the different functions. Where. for example, are the member to member Skype buttons? Where is the “Send invoice …. again!!!” button? Where is the button to send a buyer a copy of the Ts&Cs from your eBay Shop pages?

    There is so much they could have done with this, but didn’t. Once again, a classic lost opportunity to genuinely improve the eBay experience for all users – buyers AND sellers. Very disappointed here.

  9. Yes Sue copy and paste has somehow been disabled, no idea why? But like Chris says the old ways still work. ๐Ÿ™‚

    One good bit of news is that on the old system if like me you had email preferences set to text only there was no working link to report dodgy or spam emails. Glad to report it works now, pity they couldn’t have done it sooner, it’s been broken ever since My Messages was introduced.

  10. I think they’ve slightly fixed it because I can now at least select part of a message. When it was first released, I couldn’t even do that.

  11. Okay, re. previous comment: I’ve just tried to C&P out of a sent message, and I definitely can’t do that: I cannot highlight using the mouse, and I cannot ctrl-C anything. Having to forward the message to my email account so that I can copy it back into My Messages rather defeats the point of My Messaages IMO.



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