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One of the highlights of Thursday’s eBay Backstage party was the community awards. eBay UK MD Doug McCallum gave out seven awards to members who’ve achieved some great things in 2007:

  • Auction Seller of the Year 2007: Schuh Store, represented by Dan Lumm. Mmmm… shooooooes…. 😀
  • Rising Star 2007: Ace Electronics UK registered less than a year ago, and currently have over 33,000 feedback – that’s a pretty impressive start!
  • Motors Seller of the Year 2007: UK Auto Site.
  • Charity Seller of the Year 2007: Lynne Beckett of Acorns4Children, who is also the current Powerseller of the Month. Well done Lynne!
  • Charity of the Year 2007: Oxfam, who have been real pioneers in getting individual shops to eBay.
  • Community Member of the Year 2007: Peaseblossom. I’m with eBay on this one: I’ve been hanging around their message boards for more years than I like to think about, and Pease is consistently helpful, patient and positive. Truly a well-deserved award.
  • eBayer of the Year 2007: based on feedback reflecting stellar customer service, Jen and Jamie Murray of Blue Jam.

One thought for next year, guys: where’s the award for Buyer of the Year?

9 Responses

  1. Rising Star 2007: Ace Electronics UK registered less than a year ago, and currently have over 33,000 feedback – that’s a pretty impressive start!

    Typical of the current mindset of many – lots of feedback must mean a great value adding business not the same old £2 trash sold by hundreds of others sellers that adds nothing to the site overall.

    Im not impressed over this award


  2. Not all £2 items – collectibles and craft are different, this seller sells cheap mobile bits like 1000`s of other sellers and brings nothing to the site – TOTALLY different from crafts and collectibles.

  3. Hate to point this out Dave, but 33,000 odd people said they were happy with a seller providing cheap mobile bits….

    If there was no demand they’d have no buyers. Facts are that they have lots of buyers so they must have had 33,000 bits that people actually wanted and came to eBay to find. 🙂

  4. There is huge demand for this type of product AND online is the perfect medium to purchase BUT are they being rewarded for not being bad or something different ?

  5. I think the same about powersellers who make their profits from dvds and cds, easy to pack, easy to list. So they work hard listing, but the rest is pretty easy. Shame that so many still have hordes of negs. The real hardworking sellers are those that source unusual items, that may be really difficult to wrap and get through the system in one piece or which have to be sent by courier. They really earn their money.

  6. Ebay can keep their awards, their stars ,their powerseller status, community awards, carrots, sweeties, back stage tickets,

    Buyers and profit are what I need

    Not that they or anyone else cares,

    We personally award
    Ebay the large Dustbin lid size medal
    for being the best tool on the planet. for selling.
    since money was introduced



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