CLD items won't show on .com

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If you’re going to be taking advantage of this Thursday’s cheap listing day on eBay UK and you’re in one of the lucky categories where your listings will also show on .com, you need to know that your cheap listings will not show up on Items listed from 10am the day before the CLD until 10am the day after will not have automatic .com visibility, even if they would do normally. Similarly, items listed around CLDs on .com will not have automatic UK visibility. eBay say that the restriction is so that sellers who don’t qualify for the CLD are not put at an unfair disadvantage.

3 Responses

  1. Wow. Haven’t they created a huge amount of unneccesary work, grief and hassle for themselves by messing with visibility in the first place?

    Oh and the same could be said for breaking a perfectly fine checkout system; and the introduction of fiddly feedback stars and DSRs leading to livelihoods being threatened, resulting in the half-arsed thinking that kangaroo courts and ‘reassessment’ of how ‘bad’ a 4.6 rated seller is during postal strikes will solve the problem, etc.etc.etc……

    I appreciate that to evolve they cannot simply stand still, but theres a lesson in here somewhere about not spending huge amounts of time & cash fixing unbroken stuff.

    £100,000,000 says it will never be learned.


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