eBay employee goes AWOL

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In a story which is sure to create a stir in eBay offices tomorrow an eBay employee is alleged to have absconded from a trial where he was due to give evidence.

Torquay resident Alisdair Noon was on trial for conspiracy to defraud. He is accused of selling low cost items on eBay and cashing cheques sent in payment with no intention of ever shipping the goods. Two other men charged with similar offences have both pleaded guilty and will be sentenced in December

Mr Noon had pleaded not guilty and his trial at Exeter was delayed by two days. An eBay employee, Kevin Morgan, who was due to give evidence arrived in Exeter on Sunday but when the case was eventually started he was already on a plane back to Ireland.

The Judge almost ordered the plane to turn around mid flight but said he had the inconvenience of other passengers to consider.

A witness summons has been issued for Mr Morgan to return to give evidence and the Judge is also considering action for wasted court costs.

The Herald Express simply states Mr Morgan “got fed up waiting” and decided to return to Ireland.

However, a spokesperson for eBay told us this afternoon: “eBay’s first priority is to maintain a secure site free of a small number of people who may choose to misuse it. Our record of working with law enforcement to bring about successful convictions is impressive. Indeed in 2007, we have so far helped to secure 210 arrests and guilty verdicts in 69 separate court cases. These results are only possible with the determined efforts of our Fraud Investigations Team – a dedicated team who fly all over the world to support the police and the courts. Kevin Morgan is one of our finest investigators and any suggestion he was less than 100% professional and committed in this specific case is simply not true.”



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