Skype to go site wide on eBay

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It couldnt’ be better timing! Just a day after getting my hands on the new Skypephone from 3 mobile, eBay have announced that the ability to add Skype buttons to listings is to go site wide.

This is an announcement, but I’m guessing what is good for .com is good for and very soon every single listing will be Skype enabled.

Currently the categories Skype buttons can be added to is limited, and as it happens it doesn’t include any of the categories I normally trady in. At last eBay have seen the sense in allowing buyers to contact sellers and realised as BT did long ago: “It’s good to talk” ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. If you don’t want buyers to phone you, Toby, don’t put Skype buttons on your listings. Personally I’m happy to have buyers call because it’s so easy to upsell them on the phone.

    I don’t get why every time this subject comes up, people complain they don’t want Skype buttons because they don’t want buyers to call. If you don’t want telephone calls, don’t use em – but don’t stop the rest of us using them just because you don’t want to!!

  2. people can put skype buttons on their backside for all i care,

    I will only use them if buyers pressure me to ,
    so far not one of trillions has every mentioned skype,
    not once ever !

  3. skype or no skype
    anyone, anywhere, can phone me from anywhere, any time ,if I was daft enough to want them too,
    I dont need a skype button

  4. It’s not a case of if buyers phone you or not, it’s the fact that they feel they *could* if they wanted to! Anything that reassures buyers they can get assistance if they needed to is good with me, even if they never use it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. well to me its just the same as having an email me button on listings
    but you cant use any email account or company,
    you need to use and sign up to a specific company before you can.

  6. I personally think its an excellent idea, things might get a tad busy if one is selling numerous items but again the seller has the right to include it or not.

    One of the more positive moves from eBay one thinks….:)



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