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PayPal have announced a new shopping site just in time for Christmas. Their marketing reads “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a single place where you could shop at over a hundred retailers all accepting PayPal? Our new PayPal Offers is that place.”

It’s not new though, it’s just a PayPal branded version of Rewards Online. You still have to remember to log into the site and click through to your preferred shopping destination. The one and only improvement bar the branding is that they’ve scrapped the paltry 12p rebate they previously offered for shopping on eBay and replaced it with a free prize draw entry for £25,000. Now that I wouldn’t mind winning!

What is good is the 17% cashback from Skype, if you’re buying additional Skype services that makes buying through PayPal Offers worthwhile.

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  1. This Paypal offer isn’t neccessarily the bargain it appears. For example if one shops via QuidCo then one can 25% back for Skype purchases into one’s Paypal account irrespective of how one pays.

    Now there is a £5/year fee for Quidco, but this looks more and more like Paypal creaming commission off from purchases, thereby effectively increasing their take from each sale.

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