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You begged, pleaded and cajoled, and eBay listened! Today they’ve revealed that Best Offers will be upgraded in the UK with all the features that the US have had, and then some! The US Best Offers are getting an overhaul too.

  • Three Best Offers in all categories
  • Counter Offers
  • Auto Decline Best Offers
  • Auto Accept Best Offers
  • Allowing further Best Offers after one is accepted

Three Best offers and Counter Offers

Buyers will be able to make three Best Offers in ALL categories (10 in motors). Counter Offers will be introduced instead of just an acceptance or declination. This is fantastic, how often have sellers received an offer which is just slightly below an acceptable amount? A Counter Offer and the ability for a buyer to make further offers could make the difference between a sale and a disappointed buyer and a disappointed seller.

Auto Accept and Auto Decline

Auto Decline of offers will be available and any Best Offers below the value set by the seller can be rejected with no seller intervention required. It gets even better than that though; a new Auto Accept is to be introduced to allow sellers to set a value above which Best Offers will automatically be accepted.

New Best Offer Auto Accept/Decline in SYI FormBest Offer Auto Accept/Decline

I’ve always firmly believed that the quicker a transaction can be completed the lower the incidence of unpaid items. Sellers can’t be at their computers 24 hours a day, but if a Best Offer is accepted automatically the buyer can pay immediately. An offer accepted the following day means the item won’t be paid for until next time the buyer logs on to their computer. Transactional speed is key for avoiding unpaid items and this is a fantastic improvement.

Allowing further Best Offers after one is accepted

A final enhancement is to allow further best offers if a seller has already accepted a previous one. Failure to allow this in the past has driven buyers away from eBay and in many cases forced sellers to perform off-eBay transactions. Imagine you submit a Best Offer, it’s accepted and you’re happy with your purchase. You go back to the same seller to make a duplicate purchase and eBay prevent you from submitting the same Best Offer a second time. That’s the situation currently on eBay and in most categories only one offer is possible.

With the new Best Offer enhancements once an offer is accepted the slate will be wiped clean and the buyer will be able to resubmit up to three further offers again. Allowing happy customers to make repeat purchases makes so much sense. Any salesperson will tell you repeat customers are the life blood of any business, for sellers of consumables resetting the Best Offer counter when an offer is accepted is great news.

There are going to be lots of sellers welcoming the new Best Offer features in the run up to Christmas. There’s plenty for buyers to celebrate as well – although they may not be aware of the new features they’ll certainly be happy when their Best Offers start getting accepted instantly, instead of waiting for the seller to respond. Overall I’d say this is one of the best and most welcomed enhancements of the whole year!

3 Responses

  1. That’s great news for me ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best offers seem to be getting used more just lately in my shop so this change has come at the right time.



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