eBay UK in meltdown on CLD

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Well, it’s a cheap listing day and eBay UK has ground to a halt. I can’t get anything to upload from Turbo Lister: every listing gives me the error message “internal error to the application”. It’s only eBay UK, every other site appears to be working correctly, so I can only put this down to the CLD. Other people are reporting that all their listings have vanished from Seller Manager Pro, and that Picture Manager* is inaccessible.

Having spent the day packing up Christmas orders, I was intending to spend the evening listing. Looks like I’ll have to have a glass of wine and start my Christmas shopping instead – anyone manage to get anything listed I might want to buy? ๐Ÿ˜‰

* though really, you shouldn’t be using Picture Manager at all: get your own, more reliable and less expensive hosting!

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  1. That’s odd. We only uploaded ours from TL about an hour ago, and all scheduled up fine…I wonder if it has gone bellyflop since then?

  2. I think it’s as normal with eBay problems – not everyone sees all of them, Lynne. e.g. my SMP is okay, but lots of people have had everything disappear.

  3. which is almost more frightening… because you can’t assume that just because one thing isn’t affecting you, that other yet undiscovered things won’t… ๐Ÿ™

    I am not getting checkout emails for anything bought by anyone outside the UK – fortunately I don’t rely on them, but …..

  4. Oh yuck and I thought it was just me when I tried to relist this morning ๐Ÿ™
    Fortunately the bulk of my listings were uploaded and scheduled with TL earlier as there’s only three minutes left to do any more CLD listings!

  5. Hey,
    I always thought Picture Manager was the more reliable one, all other web hosting services come with downtime. Picture Manager also downsizes my pictures for me.

  6. Hi,

    I too had problems yesterday, it was going so slow with TL, in the end I just gave up. So will start again tonight.

    Take Care

  7. you could buy some lovely hair products from me !! i didn’t even bother putting any extra products on just the ones that auto listed got done ๐Ÿ™ but now i have an excuse if anyone asks !!!

  8. Of course the day that ebay had a CLD I had to be in Antwerp on business, (my day job) typical!
    However when I got home, about 9.30pm, I did manage to upload a few jewellery listings without any problems except falling asleep at the PC (I had been up since 5.30am).

    Maybe the rush was over by then.


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