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Ever wondered how some sellers get fantastic product shots on professional looking backgrounds? Well the answer is photo editing software and a new product, Bling! It, aims to make it simple. Not only is Bling! It ideal for producing product shots for eBay auctions, but it’s at an affordable price that even the casual seller can cost justify.

eBay fleece on floorThere’s nothing more impressive than quality pictures in an auction, and nothing more off putting than a busy or unsuitable background. Too often eBay sellers don’t have a professional studio, and the kitchen floor isn’t an unusual place for photos to be taken. That doesn’t mean your pictures can’t be professional though, if you’d like to get from the picture on the left to the one below, for your eBay auction photos, then you need Bling! It.

eBay fleece edited with Bling! itBling! It is a stand alone application that not allows you to replace the background of your photo with a professional one, but can also sharpen and enhance the products appearance. Best of all is how easy it makes the process. Broken down into four stages, removing the background, composing the picture, adding effects and saving the final image, a picture can be enhanced in seconds.

Bling! It software is based on Fluid Mask, but rather than being a photoshop plug in, Bling! It is a fully featured standalone product. You don’t need any other graphics editing software, just your digital camera. Best of all it only costs $49.95 plus VAT, that’s only about ร‚ยฃ30.00 in UK money. Not only that but you can download the full program on a free 15 day trial so why not test Bling! It on your own product photos?

To show you just how easy it is to get from the original photo to the professional product shot above we’ve got a tutorial in the TameBay Forum.

35 Responses

  1. I do like it North, especially that you can make you picture quite professional looking or if you really want to go for something wild you really can add Bling ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thanks for the comments guys – really pleased you like our product! We would really like to see some of your Bling!s ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. this cost me serious money this program I have spent all morning playing with it and had great fun but got nowt done,
    I am now about to buy it and cost myself even more

  4. That’s always a problem isn’t it North! Such wonderful bits and bobs, like this one and Vzaar too, but will they make us more money?

    I would say the most profitable add on I’ve come across so far is Clicpic. I am tempted by Vzaar… and then this comes along to tempt me further…

    oh dear. Back to listing for the moment before I allow myself to succumb…

  5. this is the best tool I have tried for sometime, its not cost effective time to alter all photos, but I am quite excited about its uses for some of my listings

  6. North do you have your own webspace? If so use the code

    <img src=””>

    If you don’t email them to me to chris at and I’ll post them for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Here’s my first attempt, lesson learnt on the logo that I need to make a .gif with a transparent background, but even without the logo watermark it’s a very impressive transformation for a pretty boring product

    Barcode Scanner Original

    Barcode Scanner Bling!ed

  8. Bling! bling! Bling!
    Thanks รขโ‚ฌโ€œ its fab! And I can watermark my images at last!
    (and it really is easy to use)
    Cheers Suz at designer_clothing_4_u
    Ps – Chris will email you the photobucket references – before and after!

  9. Cheers Chris – and that was my first attempt. I now can rotate it so it is straight too – which is good as the dummy I use is 120 years old! (seriously) so a little off balance, but nicer than the new fangled plastic ones ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Cheers Chris – have done on the last picture on the jacket – wow!
    It looks amazing, ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you – I am soooo purchasing this

  11. Cheers Chris!
    Just need the traffic to the site now!
    Has to be the easiest bit of software I have ever used. Trouble is I now have to decide whether to update my whole stock catalogue or use it moving forward

  12. dont want this to be a photoshop clone, though a batch feature, a ftp function & basic editing tools such as crop and contrast etc from within the program would be handy

  13. Good suggestions North, although there is a certain amount of drag and drop for instance you can drag and drop an image onto the main canvas when you first open the program.

    From then on it’s limited (eg you can’t drag and drop a logo) I guess because the image is worked in layers and you can’t specify which layer the logo should be on.

  14. Hey guys,

    These are very good examples of how Bling! It can transform your product shots. The more you use our software the easier and quicker it becomes.

    When you’re in the 1 st tab and are painting out the background try and increase the edge blending. You’ll find the tool for this on the right hand side. This tool gives you control over how much you want to soften the edges – general rule is more for naturally soft edges (like cloth, fur) and less for hard edges (like glass, or plastic).

    Chris, yes lets announce the Bling! Fest – over to you ๐Ÿ˜‰


  15. Hey Suz,

    To help drive traffic we’re putting together a reciprocal links page on – should be going live sometime this week. If you link to us – we link to you. We will also be including the ‘Best Bling!s’ in our monthly newsletter (1st one going out 6th Dec. The ones we include will be linked back to your eBay store or site of your choice. Should definitely help push traffic.

    We have developed Bling! It with the eBay community in mind and we will push and promote people who use our software. We see this as an ongoing relationship.

    We also really would like feedback from you guys. On how we might be able to improve Bling! It in later versions.

    Thanks again and happy Bling!ing ๐Ÿ˜‰


  16. thanks chris just noticed you can drag at the beginning

    I can live without an in program ftp though

    a drag and drop of the finished picture
    to a ftp program or to a windows folder would be good,

  17. I’d guess again North that’s a tricky technical problem to work a solution for. When you get the finished picture it’s technically three layers – a background, a product image and a logo. It needs to be saved to combine the images as one and save changes such as background compression. Trying to export those three layers by drag and drop prior to saving would probably be a nightmare ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  18. Clipmate is the best piece of software we have ever found for Ebay.

    It is worth a thousand times its price…

    Honestly folks, just try it…

    When you realise what it can do, you will never go back!


  19. I had great fun trying this out, it does make life a lot easier (I’m all for the “work smarter, not harder” adage”). I’ll probably be buying this software, unless I can find a crack (just joking, guys!).

    One little niggle is that “Import Logo” doesn’t allow you to import a gif – one of my clients has a logo with an irregular outline, so his logo needs to be a gif, otherwise you get a box around it.


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