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Missing shipping pricesOn Wednesday this week the postage costs disappeared from many of my eBay listings. Where I had entered the shipping service and the cost, eBay somehow stripped them out to be replaced with the message “Check item description and payment instructions or contact seller for details.”

Well guess what, it’s happened again! Here’s another twenty odd of my listings that no longer have postage rates in them. It’s Friday night and I’m really not in the mood for editing them all. What’s even worse is that listings that have had sales can’t be edited but have to be ended and restarted.

Normally for errors like this I’d simply use TurboLister to easily edit each offending listing, but TurboLister thinks the postage service and rates are set. I’ve synched it and checked each listing and according to TurboLister the shipping information is there so why isn’t it on the site?

I know I’m not the only one that this is affecting, when it happened a couple of days ago I thought it was simply a one off glitch. Obviously it’s not!

So I’m about to go an edit a load of listings manually using the Sell Your Item form for the second time in a week. Those with sales I’ll have to end and restart, including some shop listings which have only been running for two days out of the ninety days I’ve paid for.

Thanks eBay! Happy weekend NOT!! 👿

4 Responses

  1. Hi Chris,

    1st of all I’d like to congratulate you on a great site. I can’t remember how I found it originally but I added it to my Google homepage and I pretty much read everything that gets posted (I should get out more) I’m pretty new to ebay shops and turbolister, I’ve had an account on ebay since about 2001 which I purchased with and since 2004 a selling account, which I barely used until two weeks ago. I decided to give it crack as a way of making money.

    I response to another ebay glitch !Where’s my shipping information?”, I don’t seem to have this problem but surely ebay must be aware and will correct the listings automatically? Maybe I’m being naive but I thought a it was there glitch they would take responsibility for re-inserting the information?

  2. Most of the thanks for the site go to Sue, she’s the one that makes everything work as well as writing half of it 🙂

    Sadly waiting for eBay to correct the issue doesn’t help. I’ve had customers buying items and expecting free shipping, and of course once an item has sold the only option is to end the listing and restart it as you can’t change a sale once it’s done. Adding costs to an existing sale just isn’t possible even for eBay. Then of course there’s the problem that eBay don’t know what they shipping cost was once it’s gone 🙁

  3. Well in that case congrats to Sue as well!

    I see the issues now with ebay, so far the glitches that we have experienced this week, have not dented my enthusiasm for trading on ebay, especially as it offers the chance for people to start trading with just £10 or no startup capital at all and just some old stuff lying around the house. The age old saying that one mans “unused” bread maker is another mans “miracle” bread maker has never been more true 🙂

  4. I have to say Jade the glitches never dampen my enthusiasm either, all the time I can make money on eBay I’ll carry on trading here. It beats working for a company 🙂


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