10p CLD on eBay UK on Wednesday

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As Psychic Psue predicted, eBay have given an early Christmas present to their UK members, a 10p cheap listing day this Wednesday. It’s only for listings offering PayPal as a payment option – who wants to wait for a cheque this time of year – and is valid for auction, auction with BIN and straight BIN listings. Categories which have an insertion fee normally lower than 10p – Toys & Games, Photography and Media items with start prices of 99p of lower – will stay at their normal level. As usual, there are some exclusions, so do check the small print before you list.

Edited to add: “list any item in an aligible catagory for three days” [sic – maybe eBay need to get themselves a dictionary]. Yes, this does appear to be for three day listings only: dunno how I managed to miss that the first time, my apologies.

10 Responses

  1. Now you’ve hit this one right on the button with your prediction what’s the odds of one between Christmas and New Year for the “Flog your unwanted present” listings? 😀

  2. Nah – I’m going to put my guess for Thursday 27th or more likely Friday 28th December. They’ll want to get it in before the New Year while people are on eBay on their shiny new computers with nothing better to do 😛

  3. My guess is Thursday 27th too, that would make 10 day’ers end on a Sunday. They always have a CLD every year a day or so after Boxing day.

    They’ll probably be two in January and another two in February too.

  4. I’m surprised that this CLD is on Wednesday as 5-day listing would end on Monday and 10-day ones would end on Saturday. Me thinketh someone goofed or doesn’t understand the ramifications for maximizing auction closing view numbers. (But hey it isn’t rocket science…)

  5. What’s with the three day listing? Does that mean the offer is only open to listings of 3 days length (if this is so obvious – apologies, but I haven’t had my coffee yet!). Seems bizarre – if, one assumes, it is to make sure all payments are made and parcels dispatched by the last posting date, they could have either done the CLD on Monday 10th or at least have had it for 7 day listings rather than three.
    Does anyone know if relistings on any unsold items from the CLD will be restricted to 3 days to qualify for fee recredit if sold?
    Now – really must get some caffeine

  6. Ouch, I didn’t notice that:
    “sellers who list one or more items in an eligible category, with a listing duration of three days”

    Makes it a whole lot less useful 🙁

  7. Well thanks a bunch Ebay – have never done 3 day listings before, and now am being told that my items have to have a minimum 5 day listing (assumedly because they’re ‘designer’). Merry Humbug to you too!

    So much for a last-gasp cheapo megasale.

  8. Interestingly Smashbox Dolce Vita softlights face powder brush, and Smashbox Allure softlights highlighter powder also fell foul of that particular eBay penalty. I assume because of Dolce (and Gabbana) and Chanel Allure. Although as I have never sold designer goods, at 1.30am on Wednesday morning I was at a complete loss why I kept getting the message that, although I was a welcome seller, I could only list those items for 5, 7,or 10 days.

    I even wondered if under yet another daft eBay rule, I had used up my entitlement of CDL and wasn’t allowed to play anymore.

    SO not only was the last CLD limited to three days (for reasons which have not been explained and are not (too me anyway) obviously apparent. They also excluded some of the very items people would like to buy as gifts. Why does listing it for 5 days make it any safer a listing of designer goods?


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