£200m online sales per day until 20th Dec

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Experts are predicting that £200m per day will be spent online in the run up to Christmas with £1.25billion spent yesterday, making it the busiest day ever for online sales. eBay were predicting 35 million searches and 2.65 million bids would take place in the last 24 hours as shoppers rush online to spend their final pay cheques before Christmas.

Importantly for eBay sellers 44% of people in the UK expect to purchase at least one Christmas prestent online this year. The most likely online shoppers come from East Anglia (52% expect to make an online purchase), with the West Midlands the least likely at just 37%. In Scotland 50% of people expect to do some of their Christmas shopping on the Internet.

Richard Kanareck, of eBay, said: “Shopping online at Christmas offers maximum convenience, the broadest choice at the best prices, and increasingly, the opportunity to find a more original or personal gift versus the High Street.” and he’s right! Walk down any high street today and it’s the same retail chains with the same goods as almost any other town in the country.

If you want to find that unique Christmas present shopping online is the way to go.

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  1. Well this is certainly proving true for me, yesterday was our busiest day ever! Even though I’ve only been selling in earnest since the end of October.

    I hope everyone else is bonkers too, gotta make hay while the sun shines eh?

  2. I should have blogged this yesterday… but I had to come into work and pack or I’d never have got everything shipped today! Glad you’re busy too 🙂

  3. Yep. I got up at 8am both Saturday and Sunday to do packing: anyone who knows me IRL will tell you this is unheard of :O

    And what makes me particularly happy is that so much of it is on my website. I have this “what I haven’t paid in FVFs” ticker going in my head 😀

  4. It’s great to hear that your website is really taking off. Diversification by eBay sellers to other channels and/or their own website should be a new year’s resolution for any seller hoping to keep on growing in 2008.

  5. I have to say I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING EBAY and the opportunities that it has given me! Just to think that 2 months ago, becoming an online retailer was nothing more than a pipe dream for me and my wife, now we are turning over more week by week than my Dad does in his Cards & Gift shop which is on a high street in the Midlands. I’m already thinking about what to sell next, how to get my own site, what niche to specialize in, and realizing that we will rapidly outgrow our 2 bedroom 2nd floor flat. I’m not silly enough to “grow” too fast though and I know that this is the best time of the year for sales so I will wait until the new year to see how it goes.

    Does anyone have any recommendations or tactics for approaching wholesalers & distributors, I’ve had limited success so far getting a foot in the door (which does astound me considering I want to spend money) so any advice on books, websites, forums etc would be greatly appreciated.

  6. seperate the wheat from the chaff no one knows, how to run your business better than you,
    ebays simply wonderful, you will come across many that talk a good ebay business but never actually run a proper one, and there are many that wil advise you though in reality they simply trying to punt their wares and programs,

    for the best independant realistic and honest advice I have came acroos listen to Mountie, I dont always totally agree with him, but its honest and good intentioned



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