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Microsoft has stepped up it’s anti-counterfeiting measures filing 52 lawsuits in the US and referring 22 further cases to local law enforcement in 22 seperate countries. All the cases name resellers who allegedly sold counterfeit Microsoft software on various online marketplaces as the defendants.

15 of the 52 lawsuits filed involved software traced to the largest-ever commercial counterfeit syndicate, which was broken up earlier this year by Chinese authorities, the FBI and Microsoft. Through its investigations, Microsoft found that the counterfeit software produced by the Chinese syndicate was distributed in some markets through US online sellers. Users of Microsoft software helped identify the counterfeiters after Windows Genuine Advantege technology informed them that their software was fake.

Microsoft work closely with eBay to erradicate fakes from the site, they are members of the VERO program and have published an eBay guide explaining how to identify genuine Microsoft products.

Matt Halprin, eBay Trust & Safety VP said “eBay applauds Microsoft’s actions to stop the abuse of its intellectual property. The sale of counterfeits is an industrywide problem both offline and online. Counterfeit software is illegal and not welcome on eBay”

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  1. Hallelujah – that is great news for anyone who has seen their business blighted by counterfeiters.

    But, IMHO eBay have in the past claimed to be just a venue and put the emphasis back onto the Vero Owners, not the sellers and buyers who report the listing, as often that is not enough to get it pulled.

    One wonders if the size of microsoft and the power it weilds is why Trust and Safety have been so keen to see this implemented,

    Whatever the reasons though, I am pleased, the sooner bootleg merchandise, pirate copies or anything else is erradicated from the site, consumer confidence will no doubt be restored – and hopefully sales figures
    Kindest wishes
    Suz x


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