Get rich on eBay? You're taking the Wii!

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You can tell it’s nearly Christmas because the stories about this season’s must-have gadget being sold for a fortune on eBay have started. Nintendo’s Wii is in such short supply this year that adverts have been pulled from the television. There have been stories of eBay auctions for Wiis going for £1000, £30,000 and even £100,000 (that last one hasn’t sold yet, so you might want to get in there quickly…).

Strolling through my local Carrefour earlier, I saw the opportunity to get rich quick in the shape of a large pile of Wiis being blythely ignored by Breton shoppers. There were about a dozen consoles, on sale for around €280 each. Sold for £1000, that would net me getting on for £10,000 profit… worth a little punt, I thought?

However, knowing that on eBay, it’s easier to get poor slowly than get rich quick, I came home to check some listings first. And wouldn’t you know, there are thousands of Wiis on eBay, currently going for around £250 with games included. Considering the console’s RRP is £179.99, it’s hardly worth the bother of listing them.

So if the stories of craziness had put you off even looking on eBay, go take another look: you might even grab yourself a bargain.

2 Responses

  1. It is not just ebay that has plenty the highstreet does too, I was in Buxton on Monday and wondered into the local Game shop, and overheard the sales assistant telling a customer he had 10 of the £230 bundle and 5 of the £279 bundle, with another delivery due Today.

    The media and I do believe Nintendo have created a storm over the wii, so much so that I think some people aren’t even bothering to look as they think it will be out of stock.

  2. wooo i thought i had missed out on a fast buck !!! maybe i will make some money next year on wimbledon tickets



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