T-Mobile plays catch up with the Skypephone

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T-Mobile have released their latest Internet offering for Pay As You Go customers. A ‘5 Day Pass’ costing £2.50 gets users unlimited web surfing on their handsets.

Richard Warmsley from T-Mobile said: “The web’n’walk 5 Day Pass puts the whole internet into your pocket. It’s perfect for people who simply want to dip in and out of the internet on their phone, with the 5 Day Pass you get unlimited web browsing on the internet for a great price and without any hidden costs.”

On first glance it sounds like a great offer, Internet access on your mobile for just 50p per day… but it just doesn’t compare with the Skypephone from 3. With the Skypephone you can buy Internet access by the day for 50p, £2.50 gets you a whole week (that’s seven days, not five), or for a fiver you can access the Internet for an entire month (30 days).

On top of the free Internet access with the Skypephone of course you have Skype – 4,000 free Skype minutes and 10,000 free Skype chat messages. Then of course I can access eBay on my 3 Skypephone for free without even buying an Internet add on. If T-Mobile are going to tempt me to switch from 3 they’ve got a lot of catching up to do yet!

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  1. I want the same thing through Virgin please… I like the way I can have a contract-less payg phone I can pay for by DD in arrears, not by vouchers etc. up front…

  2. My skypephone is a godsend, although I still am surprised when I call on it about one of my listings, I must sound completely useless on the phone as I stutter and stumble trying to get my brain in gear 🙂

  3. Hey..I have a Skypephone and have been unsuccessful being able to connect to internet (on laptop) via my phone.
    I have installed the cd rom and my cell is connected to laptop via usb.
    Error message “The system could not find the phonebook entry for this connection.error code is: 623” My laptop uses vista.
    I have the internet add on.

    Any suggestions?

  4. I’ve no idea with vista I’m afraid, I’ve been using it with XP. However a reboot of the phone normally sorts out any connection issues. I have noticed it doesn’t like connecting a second time without a reboot for some strange reason



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