And you thought eBay support was bad

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You know how frustrating it is, you send support an email and get a reply with a cut and paste answer vaguely related to your problem but not actually answering your specific issue. It’s something that’s not just an eBay problem (but they’re the main culprits as they’re the ones most of us deal with on a daily basis).

Well courtesy of ZD Net, Skype customer support have been taking lessons on how to solve every problem bar the one you actually asked them about. It’s a three page epic on “How to turn voice mail off”, and involves the poor user even uninstalling and reinstalling Skype but never actually getting their concern addressed.

Normally I wouldn’t have blogged such a piece bar the rather ingenious way their final email removed all references to the actual problem and involves the customer service rep doing some research, which made me chuckle.
For Skype to be usable for us we really need a solution or workaround for the bug listed in” is a stroke of genius as they don’t actually state what their problem is. I think I’ll adopt similar tactics next time I need to email eBay support 🙂

One Response

  1. So, after reading this do you think there are any humans involved in the responses?

    And is that what ebay do as well – because surely no humans can be that stupid?


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