Dell laptop offsite ad – cheaper than eBay

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Dell advert in My eBayI’m liking this advert better than the previous McDonalds advert that appeared in My eBay. It’s something that’ll appeal to a lot of sellers but I don’t sell laptops and I’m not so sure eBay laptop sellers will appreciate this one.

I’ve already had one question from a potential buyer who says they’ve just ordered an Inspiron 6400 for the price busting £299.00 and can I supply a docking station to go with it, so the advert is obviously working. But what’s the real impact?

Well for anyone who has been thinking of buying a laptop Dell have a really good deal on, comparing prices the 1.7GHz Inspiron 6400 on Dells website is selling out at £349.00 including VAT and shipping. The lowest price I can find the equivalent model on an eBay Buy It Now is £389.00 with £23.50 shipping to add on, a £63.50 saving for going to Dell then.

Dell laptop on eBay

We’ve all seen the off site adverts at the bottom of search results, but they’re nowhere near as visible as the ones in My eBay. What will your thoughts be when your best selling lines are advertised in My eBay for off site deals?

On thing is for sure – if you’re in the market for a new laptop it’s a cracking deal, so go shopping while you can.

3 Responses

  1. Oh thats plaing rediculous!

    Talk about underhand! I only hope it doesn effect the price of my laptops that i sell too much.


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