eBay stole 15 seconds of my life

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I wasn’t a keen advocate of adverts in My eBay when they first appeared. Now I’m even less enamoured by them.

The drop downs in My eBay don’t load until after the advert has loaded, and they’re the last part of the page to load. Advert in My eBayNow a missing advert results in my browser waiting for a non-existant image from rtm.qa.ebaystatic.com.

Once the page has loaded it takes about fifteen seconds for the advert to time out and default to a text link, during which time drop downs are unavailable.

Whilst I understand adverts equal click revenue I find it hard to believe eBay make much revenue from them. Adverts irritate me at the best of time and even more so now they’re not working. eBay are wasting a quarter of a minute of my time for each visit to My eBay.

I thought eBay displaying adverts in My eBay was bad, now I’ve realised that eBay failing to display adverts is even worse 😯

8 Responses

  1. I’m looking back on the last decade of my life and thinking: “Only 15 seconds? They’ve had the best bloody years of mine.”


  2. Use an adblocker and you don’t have to wait for the ad to load, until the javascript loads to allow drop down menus. (I tested it does work with FireFox and AdBlockPlus.)

  3. I find Explorer the worst for this ebay cock-up. Firefox and Opera don’t seem to be affected. Might be worth switching browsers until ebay sort it out or get rid.

    Hang on tho, why should we have to mess about trying to fix an ebay “site interferance” issue?

  4. Poor Chris.

    Seeing as ebay lowered the page position of the offsite links recently, is there hope for these ads in My Ebay to be downgraged too?

  5. Well the good news is that they’ve fixed it. The bad news is that they’re now advertising PayPal postage to me again which I have no intention of even considering using until it offers a substantial benefit… like a discount on the standard postage rate.

  6. I posted about this on the ebay PS Board – I have spent the last few weeks on a dial-up connection and the summary page took long enough to load as it is without having to wait about for an extra minute for a pointless ad to appear.

    There was nearly a front page news incident when one of the adverts pinged up and it was for Orange Broadband – which was the whole reason I was on dial-up in the first place!!!

    It would be nice if eBay allowed sellers to opt out of viewing any advertising schemes – we have enough to administer on ebay as it is without contend with this guff as well!


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