eBay Tips 2008: Marketing Off-eBay

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Whether or not you take any trading off-eBay, there is a potentially huge opportunity for you in taking some of your marketing away from eBay. 10% of the UK’s internet traffic settles on eBay. But 90% of it is buzzing elsewhere. You might be simply promoting your eBay Shop or pimping your own website, it doesn’t matter. There’s plenty you can do for free and only invest a few moments.

Build Profiles

There are dozens of sites out there that allow you to build a profile or page on, dedicated to you. The sites have their own communities and allow you to link you to your own site. It’s an opportunity to get a bit of ‘trickledown traffic’ and get an SEO boost. Here are a few sites for you to consider:

BT Tradespace

Plug into the Social Networks

Facebook is enjoying an irresistible rise. Myspace isn’t going away. Bebo is still popular. And we’ll see more such sites rise in the years to come.

It’s about following the traffic, getting involved, participating and measuring the results. I’ve heard some good stories from sellers who tell me that they’re getting good results. So take the plunge and see if you get any good results. Just remember that there is a fine line between ‘networking’ and ‘not working’.

Comment on Blogs

Blogs have become ubiquitous in the past few years and commenting on blogs has it’s own marketing benefits. Identify 3 to 5 busy blogs and make valid contributions. Make sure you link to your eBay Shop or website to get the benefits. Relevance is everything and be sure to measure the results.

5 Responses

  1. Make sure you link to your eBay Shop or website to get the benefits.
    Learn the URL of your eBay store off by heart and be able to type it into blog comment fields correctly: not all blog owners will spot that you got it completely wrong and correct it for you 😉

  2. times money,
    10% or less of any town or community is retail space
    smart sellers concentrate their efforts where the shoppers are in the 10%

    they dont wander round the rest of the town door knocking
    unless they are politicians

  3. a great example of this is eddie lots of posts and

    high profile on ebay and ebay related boards and forums

    doubt if you will see him much elsewhere though

  4. I would also add that related forums are usually a free way to advertise and sell, I have 15 regular car forums I use, and about another 20 not so much, but each one has generated sales, and repeat business, for free.

    Also if you get it right forums will push good service and products so very quickly the forum could be talking about how you are, not bad for nothing



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