eBay UK affiliates get a pay rise

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eBay UK are to increase payouts on their affiliates program from 1st February. Payouts for new active confirmed registered users will increase to £8 – £11, depending on the number you recruit, and the tiers have been flattened out, so affiliates now reach the top payout after just 500 ACRUs a month instead of 1500.

Affiliates’ share of eBay revenue will also be increased. The minimum percentage increases from 25% to 30%, and the maximum from 50% to 60%. The full breakdown of old and new payment rates is after the cut.

The eBay affiliates program rewards website owners who send traffic to eBay: linking from your ecommerce store, blog or other site can earn you cash when your readers register on eBay, or successfully BIN or bid on an item. For more details, visit the affiliates portal.

Via JennyHow.

Monthly ACRU tiers

Total monthly ACRUs Old payment per ACRU New payment per ACRU
1-24 £7 £8
25-49 £9
50-249 £8
250-499 £10
500-1499 £9 £11
1500+ £10

Monthly revenue tiers

Total monthly revenue Old %age New %age
£0.01-£99.99 25% 30%
£100.00-£999.99 27.5% 32.5%
£1,000.00-£9,999.99 30% 35%
£10,000.00-£99,999.99 35% 40%
£100,000.00-£249,999.99 45% 45%
£250,000-£499,999.99 47.5% 50%
£500,000+ 50% 60%

2 Responses

  1. Sadly – .co.uk is still the ‘poor relation’ for eBay Affiliate payouts, compared to .com, where 1 – 49 ACRU tier is US$25.00 (£12.50 approx) and the min % of revenue is 50%

  2. … and the max % is 75%. 😥
    I always feel the UK doesn’t quite *get* the affiliates program somehow. The spiel at eBay Unis is always “and, er, yes, if you send eBay some traffic, you can earn money…” and on to the next topic.


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