eBay UK was top Christmas shopping site


A little bit of good news amongst all the speculation for eBay today: eBay was the most popular shopping site again this Christmas for UK shoppers, and was the nation’s fourth most-visited site on Christmas Day itself.

Figures released last week showed that Amazon beat eBay.com in the US for the first time ever. What ought to be read into this depends on your point of view, with ex-seller Randy Smythe believing that Amazon is just better, while optimistic shareholder OnlyeBay thinks that the rise in the use of BIN is responsible for the fall in eBay’s traffic.

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  1. Yesterday I was looking to do some shopping on Amazon & for the first time I thought I can’t be bothered with this.

    In my opinion Amazon is loseing somthing. If your making a combined purchase you never know what is coming from whom & when. What qualifies for free postage & what doesn’t. Can I use my voucher or can’t I. A lot of the discriptions are poor. You can find a football scarf in the kitchen & home section and stockings in with the toys!

    It’s a bit of a paradise for sellers at the moment though. Takes me back 5 years.

  2. My OH has just sold our CD collection on Amazon – and he reckons it is easily than eBay…. A lot of the work is done for you – what he didnt like was Amazon telling him what he could ship for – and this didnt include any costings which would allow for trackable shipping –

    Maybe Amazon has less dodgy peeps at the moment, but the thought of sending anything without tracking now, fills me with fear, and I am positive I am not the only one, infact – I know I am not.

    Sales on Christmas Day for me were fab. Christmas week was amazing, whilst everyone else wound down, I didnt book the yearly far flung break and vanish for a few weeks, I ramped up my eBay
    And, it worked, I attracted rucks of new customers, and with the new listing strategy I have (and no I am not telling) I am attracting subscribers at a pleasing and steady amount.


    *loves eBay and has fingers crossed for the announcements later*
    Suz x

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