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I’m not sure how Dan and Emma have the cheek to call that work…

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  1. While my PC might not be top of the range, it’s not that bad (it’s also a gaming machine and needs reasonably good graphics cards, memory etc) but I get a little way into this video and it (the video not the PC) “freezes” and won’t play further. The only way to get it to carry on is restart the video, and it gets a bit further and the same thing happens.

    If this is what happens with these videos then people with older machines than mine (the oldest component isn’t more than 3 years old) will have even more problems.

    I can see customers getting frustrated with this if that’s what happens when you have videos on listings.

  2. Mine usually freezes in the middle of watching Vzaar clips as well but if you wait a while (at least 10 seconds) they normally carry on again. Probably just streaming slower than it’s playing or something.

  3. Strange…

    Whenever I click on the ‘play’ button in the middle of the screen, the clip starts to play but after a couple of seconds, takes me to Vzaar’s homepage, which doesn’t even have a clip on it.

  4. Kate, I have the same problem occaisionally with YouTube videos freezing. The easy solution is to start the video and then pause it, wait for the entire clip to download to your computer and than play it ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. If you are on a connection that is congested or doesn’t have enough bandwidth to support the video play, then you need to let it buffer first. The best way to do this is as Chris says, Click Play and then pause and wait for the video to download entirely.

    We will be looking at ways of improving this in the player itself this year too.

  6. I don’t usually have problems with videos – I have fast broadband etc – this was more than just the 10 seconds or so you get with slow streaming – it was a real freeze. Maybe I’ll go back and try Chris’s suggestion at some point.

  7. Kate,

    Sometimes for some reasons the player thinks whatever it plays up to a point is the full video and caches it as such.

    Not sure what the reason is but I’ll look into it.


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