McDonalds: I'm (not) lovin' it

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eBay McDonalds AdvertI don’t like adverts, I don’t like McDonalds food that much either. I’m certainly not lovin’ it.

Why oh why do eBay find it incumbent upon themselves to carry on inflicting these adverts on us? It’s not like McDonalds is even a product which is vaguely business related. It’s simply gratuitous advertising because eBay decided they wanted more revenue.

I ask you honestly… what would you think of TameBay if we started carry adverts for fast food chains? Would it enhance your enjoyment of the site? Would it be the slightest bit relevant to your business? Or would it simply be an annoyance?

At least if we lowered ourselves into the advertising gutter that eBay have stooped to, you could justify it on the basis you don’t pay to use the site. But you do pay to use eBay, so as they have an income why the need to carry low grade irrelevant adverts?

Money I guess, purely and simply more income for shareholders. It doesn’t look good though, relevant ads I can understand, but I don’t want to wait for McDonalds adverts to load before I can use the drop downs in My eBay. Hello guys…. I’m trying to work here, not to snack on junk food

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  1. I’m having the same problem with some adverts being slow to load and having to wait before I can do what I want to on the selling manager page.

    However – I would rather see adverts for McDonalds (which will not actually compete with ebay sellers) than (say) HMV – which *could* lose sales for sellers.

  2. ๐Ÿ˜€ *waves back*

    I could fancy hummus and salad in pitta bread with lots of fresh chillis from the Tuffnell Park Kebab Shop, having just been to see someone very hilarious at Bound and Gagged.

    Ahh. Sometimes London is good. Put *that* in your ads, eBay ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I do like that this blog no longer has the google text based ads

    They always returned “find dropship products make $$ on ebay” sites or “i got scammed 37 times” or whatever it was


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