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Firstly the best news of all – PayPal expanded Seller Protection will be FREE.

Yes, cynical as I am when I first posted PayPal had stated that they’d “offer” expanded Seller Protection to PowerSellers in the UK, US, Canada Hong Kong first, by “offer” I wondered about what it might cost. It costs nothing though so as soon as it’s available to you sign up. Not often PayPal give something for free so I’m wildly in favour of these changes, especially as the benefits are fantastic.


  • No more confirmed addresses – all addresses will be eligible for Seller Protection, simply ship to the address on the transaction details page. Every address in the PayPal system will be considered a confirmed address including customers work address, neighbours address and gift addresses – if it’s on the transaction details page it’s valid.
  • Proof of posting will be sufficient for unauthorised funds claims. For lost in post you’ll still need proof of delivery.
  • No limit on claims in any one year (currently £3250 pa).
  • Coverage extended to all 190 territories PayPal operate in, any currency, any country.
  • There’s nothing for you to do – no integration, no changes to the way you work, just sign up and say “yes” when you’re invited.

These changes were promised at eBay Live! 2007 in Boston by Rajiv Dutta. It’s fantastic to see that they’re just a few days away from becoming a reality for PowerSellers and soon to more eBay users across the world.

6 Responses

  1. Super news, I’m going to have to revise my ship to UK only policy! The announcements get better and better this year! Ebay and Paypal are fighting back!

  2. Yep Mark, in the “near future”

    Sorry that’s not too helpful, but not too long hopefully, weeks not months is the best information available 🙂

  3. A word of caution on the changes to the Paypal Powerseller protection, since not everything that shines is gold.

    On the surface the changes are great news. Upon closer examination, however, you will realize that if the changes apply to Powersellers only, then there will be significantly fewer sellers from benefitting from this policy change than what you might expect.

    Ebay is also making Powerseller status dependent on DSRs and not just on sales volume alone anymore. This change will drastically reduce the number of Powersellers, which also reduces the number of sellers eligible for the new seller protection. The net effect is likely going to be very few Powersellers enjoying a significant higher level of protection, and perhaps 80-90% fewer Powersellers of which 100% of them will no longer enjoy any protection at all. Its up to the ebay user base to decide which is preferable: many Powersellers enjoying some level of protection or most former Powersellers enjoying no level of protection at all anymore.


    Lastly, i would just like to congratulate and thank all the users and adminstrators of this blog for the invaluable contributions they provide to countless ebayers the world over. I greatly enjoy reading every post for many months now and i promise to be a dilligent follower in the future.

    I have been able to take away many opinions and to give them to our team at to incorporate, so that we may provide ebayers and non-ebayers with better opportunities and tools than currently available to realize their dreams of owning and growing their own online business.

    I also hope to comment more in the future to provide a certain perspective, the administrators willing, that is currently not found very often on this blog.


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