My new shop design : an update

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Yesterday I received an email from Frooition regarding my new shop design.

The anticipated start date for your work is the 7th of February.
You can expect a design preview for you to review 4-5 business days later.

Frooition are busy, which is good, but that means that customers have to wait, which is bad. They seem to be pretty good at managing this process, both giving me a realistic assessment of lead time upfront, and now this little reassurance that they haven’t forgotten me!

I particularly liked them emphasising that if there was anything I’d forgotten to mention, I could still get in touch and let them know. I feel absolutely confident that this design won’t be finished until I’m 100% happy, and that’s really good to know. And of course, now I’m excited to see it all over again!

7 Responses

  1. why pay 700 quid for someone to design your shop. i just went down to my local uni and put an add up looking for help with designing my own website and ebay shop. got both designed for under 100pound, he done an excellent job too and i had all the input, just my thoughts ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Abs, “is it worth the money” is one of the questions I’m hoping to answer. Shame you haven’t linked us your shop so we can look at your finished product though.

  3. I am losing interest rapidly
    there oviously over loaded with work or under manned or both

  4. I was interested in Frooition, but you don’t host your own images or design. They can in theory take it away from you if you didn’t pay the hosting fee, or probably in my case just forget too! I think for the money I would want to own the design and not just rent it. Plus they had server problems a while back and all their shops went down, to be fair it was the fault of a lorry hitting something at their hosting!

  5. Rachel: probably the answer is not to forget to pay them then :^O
    If the Frooition shop isn’t working, I am assured that it goes back to the “normal” eBay appearance: wherever your pictures are hosted, there’s the possibility of the server going down for a while – so I’m not sure that Frooition necessarily makes this problem worse.

  6. The shops I saw were mangled and you could not buy from them, or their listings. Maybe this is something they have improved of late. It was a concern at the time (3 months ago). I am shopping around, but there is little on offer.


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