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If I were Meg Whitman, I think I’d change my mind about announcing my leaving eBay along with the Q4 figures today. The internet is awash with rumours of my demise: having to watch all those people go “oops” before telling them I was just kidding and skipping off into the sunset, would be far too tempting.

There’s so much speculation out there that I honestly don’t think we need to add to it here. Here are a few of my favourite bits of opinion for your reading pleasure though:

  • Auctionbytes picks up on an interesting tidbit from yet another WSJ piece: John Donahoe, heir apparent, was the person responsible for the third party ads in search, which are loathed by sellers and generally serve to only confuse buyers.
  • Scot Wingo has a two part post on what analysts are expecting from the Q4 figures, and why it matters: At this point in the series, you maybe asking yourself: “Self, why am I continuing to read this stuff about Wall St. Analysts, bulls/bears, etc. I’m an eBay seller and this has nothing to do with my business.”
  • Only eBay swims against the tide: I doubt very much we will hear anything about Whitman resigning today. Personally, I think the WSJ article has been blown a little out of proportion although I secretly wish I was wrong.
  • Crunchgear’s great take: Meg Whitman set to retire, my friend, and we in St. Victual’s School for Girls in Lagos, Nigeria would like for to buy your item as a present for her.

For those who want to listen along, the Q4 earnings call can be found here at 9pm 10pm GMT. [oops!]

18 Responses

  1. More gossip than you could shake a stick at, Whirly, but nothing specific. Only six hours to go, so I think we can all bear the wait now? 😀

  2. I guess, I thought this was the financial report and forecasts, I thought fee changes etc may be presented at a later stage.

  3. bush ,blair, brown, trump ,whitman,

    wont make no matter to this poor seller, I know my place

  4. Lets hope so, I would gladly pay higher FVF in return for lower listing fee’s, a monthly subscription would be even better but I doubt that will ever happen.

  5. S’ok.

    Is anyone’s PC currently playing some really dodgy cinema style interlude music? I can’t find the source assume its that Real player waiting to do the q4…..started playing like a bad hitchcock movie 😕

  6. I’ve been transported in time to the Godfather Pt Deux ….God i’m getting old! in times past I could walk down to the front of the cinema and by a cornetto 😆



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