Tazbar launch fundraising programme

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Tazbar have announced the launch of their fundraising program, which will highlight charity listing on the site. Registered fundraisers get a collecting tin icon beside their listings, a chance to feature on the home page, and a “progress thermometer” which can be added to their own websites.

Fees for charity listings are 3% of the sale price, which is the same as Tazbar’s normal fee on basic seller accounts. This looks very favourable compared to deductions made by Missionfish on eBay for Charity listings; however, if the seller completes a Gift Aid form, together with eBay fee donations, charities will on average receive 10%-15% *above* the amount donated by the seller. Fundraisers might also consider that eBay’s higher traffic levels are likely to generate more interest in their items in the first place.

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  1. The real difference here is that whilst Tazbar say “What you pay is Just 3% commission including VAT deducted from sales” on eBay you pay nothing (Listing and FVF fees are refunded for successful charity sales).

    It costs the seller nothing for a successful sale unless they choose to use listing enhancements. The Missionfish deductions come from the donation, and even then with gift aid 28% is added on so it’s a small price to pay for someone else managing the tax side of the donation.

    In addition for direct charity sellers income for sales is collected directly so there are NO missionfish fees and eBay fees basic insertion and final value fees are refunded so NO eBay fees either. A bargain compared to a 3% charge 🙂


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