They think it's all over…

… it is now. In a press release just sent out, eBay have announced that Meg Whitman is to stand down as President and CEO of eBay. John Donahoe will take over from her as President and CEO on March 31st, though Whitman will remain on eBay’s board of directors.

Rajiv Dutta, currently President of PayPal, will take over from John Donahoe as Executive Vice President of eBay Inc. Scott Thompson, currently PayPal’s Chief Technology Office, will be the new President of PayPal.

Bill Cobb is also to step down as President of eBay North America at the end of the year. Lorrie Norrington, currently President of eBay International, will become President of eBay Marketplaces Operations, and will assume Cobb’s responsibilities, reporting to Dutta.

The full press release can be read on the eBay site.

A personal message from Meg has been posted on the .com announcements’ board. We wish her all the best for the future, and of course hope that the other executives will be superbly successful in their new roles.

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I made my remarks about Meg yesterday and how she oversaw the growth of eBay in the golden age of ecommerce. Bill Cobb is one of the most amazing executives eBay have, he has never been shy (in fact always welcomes) the chance to interact with site users, whether it be in person at events like eBay Live! or on eBay radio. Once Bill has gone people will realise just how much they miss him. John Donahoe would do well to take some lessons from Bill, who I still think of as eBay's avuncular uncle that everyone loves even if he is a bit grumpy sometimes ;-)

Chris Dawson • 23rd January 2008 •

I'm glad to see Rajiv Dutta promoted - I think he has real vision, and though he will be a loss to PayPal, I hope and believe he'll do amazing things to take eBay on to its next incarnation.

Sue Bailey • 23rd January 2008 •

Well, we all certainly have lots to talk about now. Hopefully new blood will make a difference. I still wish it would have been Jeff Jordan.

Randy Smythe • 23rd January 2008 •

Both John Donahoe and Rajiv Dutta will join the eBay board of directors and Meg will remain a director

Chris Dawson • 23rd January 2008 •

any news on the new fees ???

J R • 23rd January 2008 •

Hang on two minutes J R .... :grin:

Sue Bailey • 23rd January 2008 •

he might not have time biddy,,,,Sue ellen is waiting for him :eek:

Whirly • 23rd January 2008 •

Here you go JR - ebay fees news :-)

Chris Dawson • 23rd January 2008 •