Auctioning4u – The dying throes

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If you are looking for contact details for the liquidators they are here

Are eBay Drop-Off franchises sound business models?
(Part III)

Trevor Ginn reports that Auctioning4u has called in the adminstrators. In truth they’re no longer even called Auctioning4u having sold the brand and website in December. Trading as Clockworx they finally locked the doors for good on 31st January.

Again the question has to be asked if drop off shops will ever be a profitable business model. The first time I posed the question it appeared the answer was no, and that only economies of scale that come with centralised processing was an option. That was in April last year when Auctioning4u acquired the failed iSold It chain. It took just three months before Auctioning4u closed their franchises moving to a home collection model in London and Brighton. DHL was used for customers outside those areas but this was the begining of the end.

That brings us back to December when the brand was sold, and now having failed to secure further funding the company along with the software it developed are no more.

It’s a sad story for both the investors who reportedly pumped in £4m (approx $8m), and of course the staff who worked hard trying to make it a success. The big question that remains unanswered is ‘Can anyone make a profitable business running an eBay drop-off shop?’

If anyone runs (or knows of) a successful, profitable, eBay drop off shop with a long term track record of financial stability we’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Forward them all to ‘Thetoyauctioneer’, trading out of the same building with the same management team, their Skype history suggests they were at work 1st and 2nd of Feb??

  2. It should be noted that the auctioning4u brand is now operated by serial sellers who are still very much in business. The company that went into liquidation was operating the eBay ID clocktronix. They were the previous owners of the Auctioning4u brand.

  3. Hi!
    I have a question about this company. I bought laptop computer from them ok 29 January. I’ve made payment just after. And I’m a bit afrait if I will get it… What do you think?

  4. Hi Marcin
    I’m not sure if you dealt with Auctioning4u which is the part of the company that’s been sold and still trading, or clocktronix/clockworx who have ceased trading.
    If the former nothing to worry about. If the later I’m not sure, but either PayPal or your Credit card company should be able to help if you paid with either of those methods. You may even find the laptop was shipped on 30th or 31st and is on it’s way to you.

  5. I bought it exactly from those guys:

    [incorrect contact information removed; see below for correct email address to use]

    What is the most interesting, they have new auctions listed on ebay. So I have completely no idea what is going on.

    They also have auctioning4u in their email address – e.g.
    [incorrect contact information removed; see below for correct email address to use]
    What do you think about this?

  6. The answer is within the listings….

    “R W Birchall and M D Gercke were appointed joint administrators of Clockworx Limited (also trading as Toyauctioneer) on 31 January 2008 to manage its affairs, business and property as agents and without personal liability. Both are licensed to act as insolvency practitioners by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.”

    Looks like they’re liquidating the stock

  7. using to check the feedback of these companies (Auctioning4u, Clocktronix, Clockworx, Thetoyauctioneer, Seriaseller et al ❓ ) I’d worry if I were you, and make sure you put your eBay/Paypal claim in, in time, as while they will bar a small seller with ease, they try to keep the bigger sellers happy and will not deal with a complaint after a set number of days. Also ignore the “try contacting the seller” box in the Paypay complaints process after the first time, as obeying that too often will take you beyond the cut-off date.

  8. I wouldn’t go quite that far, but I’d certainly keep a close eye on what might be a possible problem.

    Get in touch with them on Monday via the published email address and verify that your order will be shipped. You could quite well find out everything proceeds smoothly 🙂

  9. You will be okay because the Administrators are personally liable for transactions they undertake, however to put your mind at rest rather than wait for an email reply you can phone them on Monday, details are :
    Michael David Gercke and Robert William Birchall, of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Plumtree Court, London EC4A 4HT

    [incorrect contact information removed; see below for correct email address to use]

  10. Hi
    I reread the date you bought 29th, as administrators were not appointed until 31st you need to contact them to clarify, if there is any doubt start paypal claim.
    Re the 400 or so current auctions they have, these are probably the safest auctions to buy on Ebay, might be some bargains to be had

  11. While I do not work at the company anymore I know that the administrators have kept our packing team and that ClockWorx has send out items both on Friday, Saturday and today.

  12. I also bought PC on 29th Jan and have not heard anything despite 2 emails and then I found this site. Have tried ringing Administrators but got fobbed off by receptionist as she’d never heard the 2 names mentioned above in Dave’s post ‘but someone rang earlier about a similar issue’. Looks like it’s a Paypal claim for me and hope I can get my money back.
    Update – she’s just rung me back – try this number
    [incorrect contact information removed; see below for correct email address to use]
    instead. It’s gets you through to Rob Birchalls voicemail.

  13. Christian…. so you say that our packages should be on their way now? I don’t know how others… but I didn’t get ANY response from those seller. Any information about delivery:(

  14. Hi Marcin, As Christian said he’s no longer with the company so can’t investigate individual cases. From what he’s said they’re delivering all outstanding items so I would rest a little easier and wait a few days for it to arrive 🙂
    If it’s not with you inside the expected shipping time detailed on the listing (Allow a few days extra in case of delays) then you can still fall back on PayPal/Credit card.

  15. Thanks Chris 🙂 I’ll wait for it to arrive. I’ll report it here when it arrives.

  16. Just tracked my PC on the DHL site and apparently it left the DHL depot in a van at 1026 this morning so there is hope yet !

  17. Excellent news, Paul!
    (Now just make sure DHL don’t do what they did to me – hand you the tower, but drive off with the screen still in their van… 😀 )

  18. I got email form Clocktronics:

    “Thank you for your email.
    This is to inform you that your item is currently being packed and it will be shipped to you within a few days.
    We will send you an email with the tracking information once the item has been dispatched.

    Kind Regards,
    Customer Service
    Clocktronix Ltd.”

    So it looks that they want to be liable…. hope it will come 🙂

  19. Hi

    I bought a laptop from this company (19th january). As it was the wrong model i did returned it in person on the 31st and promised that i will get a refound through paypal . I haven’t heard from them since them dispite many emails. Does anyone can advice me whether putting a claim through paypal is the only thing that i can do, can anyone sugest any other action ?
    Thanks, Panos

  20. Not all good news. PC delivered today but currently got the back off and trying to get it to work. Appears one of the 1GB RAM sticks do not work and possibly one of the RAM slots on the motherboard. Just going through the combinations now to determine whether it’s worth sending it back.

  21. Panos – Start the Paypal refund/dispute/complaint process ASP, Paul – bad luck 🙁

  22. Does anybody here no the address’s for the warehouses in London and North Acton? I bought a sofa from them on the 3/2/08 and have had no reply to any of my emails (4 of them) regarding the collection address.
    Any help very gratefully recieved.

  23. I’ve received mail from clocktronix that my item is on its way. It should be here in Poland approx. on Wednesday. I’ll report it here:)

    Jason… I have this address on package of my former pack I received from clocktronix. I’ll receive another soon so I’ll give you the address 🙂

  24. Hi

    anyone who has received anything from clocktronix in the last couple of weeks did you get an email before hand saying goods dispatched ??

    also ive read somewhere that if you start a paypal claim they simply wont send the goods out.. ??

    i have started my paypal claim so we’ll see what comes of it.

    thanks good luck again to everyone

  25. we bought an old lead cowboy set on ebay auction under the name of ‘thetoyauctioneer’, paid for it, and nothing happened, despite chasing up. a few days after our dispute, we noticed that our set was relisted for sale! as this was a one off set, one wonders how many times they intended to sell the same set.

  26. Personally I wouldn’t start a PayPal claim with *any* seller until I had exhausted all other avenues and given plenty of time for the seller to ship. A few days is hasty, I’d wait at least a couple of week and if need be you can still open a claim. As a seller I would never ship anything to someone who opened a claim in haste, I’m not going to lose the money and the goods.

  27. Hi Chris thanks for your reply, as this is a rare case knowing the company has gone into liquidation surely this is the best route ?? at this point though id rather just get paypal to refund me then i know im safe so this why ive started the claim so soon. Its not that im asking much of them a simple email to say something but nothing when they have quite alot of my money .

  28. I’d advise everybody to put in a claim…


    A friend – who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons – made a test purchase a month or so ago, following an approach from Mr. Braun, the item never arrived, he’s making a claim, you must all do likewise while the official-receivers are on-site and the company has ‘some’ assets left???

  29. I have just received my laptop! It’s in described condition (excellent). Hope everyone else will also receive their items.

    Thanks for all who was there with my problem 🙂

  30. i bought a laptop off auctioning4u on feb 5th still waiting 4 it tryed emailing them no repy im thinking of maken a paypal claim how long should i give them.?

  31. i have just had a look at the email i got from paypal when i bought my laptop it was auctioning4u but seller was clocktronix i dnt understand whats going on its been 8 days now i have 4 daughters all wanted laptops i bought from other sellers and i got them laptops in days can any one help me : : ❓ ❓ 😡

  32. I love a happy ending, Marcin 🙂

    Seccombe: Clocktronix bought the Auctioning4U brand a while back, so the two different names is nothing to worry about. I know 8 days is a while in “eBay terms”, but for normal mail order, it isn’t long: Dell took about three weeks to deliver my new PC before Xmas.

    I wouldn’t worry yet. Marcin bought his on 29th January and has just received it, so I would expect that you would get yours in the next few days too. They do seem to be getting through the orders, albeit not as quickly as people would hope.

  33. Well for all those left in limbo by this scrupulous firm you may find that the reason you haven’t recieved anything is because they’ve relisted and sold the items on.

    Finally got a response to my numerous emails and this is exactly what they’ve done to me. Paypal payment made within 48hrs as by their terms but because it didn’t clear for another 10 days they sold it on without informing me and still took my money. Won’t even refund without launching a paypal claim! Bloody crooks! 👿

  34. HI

    What happens is if you start a paypal claim they cancel you order immediately , so if you are willing to wait you should get your items , but paypal are supposed to be refunding everyone who has made a claim .

    here is an email which you will get an answer from i think the only person who still works there to be honest. igot a reply from this within 5 minutes of sending

    [incorrect contact information removed; see below for correct email address to use]

    hope this is helpful to you ill let you know if i get refund should be monday at latest.

  35. Hi guys

    I spoke to them today, there are some delays but everything will be ok as I spoke to the administrators.
    You can give ring Liz Heggs on
    [incorrect contact information removed; see below for correct email address to use], she is very helpfull.

  36. Hi guys

    I spoke to them today, there are some delays but everything will be ok as I have spoken to the administrators.

    You can give ring Liz Heggs on
    [incorrect contact information removed; see below for correct email address to use], she is very helpfull, she is the one dealing with this insolvency.

    There is only one person left at clocktronix, packing our stuff, (skeleton staff). PWC said any problem give them a bell next week. There ain’t nobody to reply to our email. If you need a Vat Invoice, PWC will get it for you, if it is not sent.

    Hope that guy left does not do a runner with our stuff 🙂 :mrgreen: 🙂

  37. Following a call to Liz Heggs for advice, I’ve just got an immediate e-mail reply from [incorrect contact information removed; see below for correct email address to use] stating my goods (from auction ended 31st Jan) are just about to be desptached. Pawel is apparently the Customer Service Team Leader and seems to be “The Only Guy Left”.

    Liz Heggs told me a Paypal claim would have immediately caused the order to be cancelled, and the 45 day re-claim period to begin. But also said any goods not claimed for are still being slowly despatched.

    Patience all… 😕

  38. i put a claim in yesterday to paypal for my £211.59 laptop as i had to get a new one 4 my children .can anyone tell me how long it will take for me to get my money back .

  39. @ Seccombe: the last non-receipt claim I put in took about ten working days from filing to refund. I’m sorry to say I think you would have got the laptop before you’ll get the money.

  40. Thankfully I started smelling a rat when ‘auctioning4u became clocktronics (and to my amasement ebay allowed the transfer of the feedback from auctioning4u to clocktronic, that certainly gave them ‘cred’).

    Any person that has paid for an item via paypal and hopefully retained the receipt, is the ‘legal owner’ of the goods bought (fact of law). However of course posssesion is 99%…etc. If any person contacts the receivers and can prove they have paid for an item, then that item is legally theirs & the rceiver cannot hold them or resell them.

    Also I am an ebay seller & likewise as the previous seller says, if a paypal dispute is started will not ship goods. Once a claim is filed with Paypal, they will section off that amount in the seller paypal to pay the claimee 1st. As the receivers are in here though & if there any left, they would clear the paypal account daily.

    Alway remember to file any claim with paypal within 45 days of auction, as thereafter paypal will nopt want to know.

    To me, this was a scam waiting to happen. Clocktronics use auctioning4u vans & if you ask at their warehouse they told me that auctiong4u was seperate from clocktronic (which obviously it was not)
    They also had a warehouse in Standard Road, LOndon, W3 which was nearly empty after I last saw it.

    Ebay shoud also start a proper listing catagory (ie; is the seller a ltd Co,, as in many cases listings do not state this, & he’s what happens when a web is woven.
    Good luck to all in getting goods or money back.

  41. Thankfully I started smelling a rat when ‘auctioning4u became clocktronics (and to my amasement ebay allowed the transfer of the feedback from auctioning4u to clocktronic, that certainly gave them ‘cred’).

    Any person that has paid for an item via paypal and hopefully retained the receipt, is the ‘legal owner’ of the goods bought (fact of law). However of course posssesion is 99%…etc. If any person contacts the receivers and can prove they have paid for an item, then that item is legally theirs & and the rceiver cannot hold them or resell them.

    Also I am an ebay seller & likewise as the previous seller says, if a paypal dispute is started will not ship goods. Once a claim is filed with Paypal, they will section off the amount in the seller paypal account to pay the claimee 1st. As the receivers are in here though & if there’s any left, they would clear the paypal account daily.

    Alway remember to file any claim with paypal within 45 days of auction, as thereafter paypal will not want to know.

    To me, this was a scam waiting to happen. Clocktronics use auctioning4u vans & warehouses, but if you ask at their warehouse as I did, they’d tell you that auctiong4u was seperate from clocktronic (which obviously it was not)
    They also had a warehouse in Standard Road, LOndon, W3 which was nearly empty after I last saw it.
    Austioning4u is still trading and clockwrox Lts, t/a clocktronic & thetoy….? is not, all very strange, but it’s that woven web again.

    Ebay should start a proper listing catagory (ie; is the seller a ltd Co,, as in many cases listings do not state this, & here’s what happens when a web is woven.
    Good luck to all in getting goods or money back.

  42. Gerryoo7 – I smell a rat every time Chris or Sue come on and try to fluff over the worst of it????

    Chris/Sue – What is you relationship – if any – with eBay, Paypal, Auctioning4u/Clockworx/Clocktronics/TheToyauctioneer, Toymart, Auctioning4u/serialseller/Bob Lock, and either ‘The Professional eBay Sellers Alliance’ or ‘The Federation of eBay Businesses’?????

  43. That’s a strange question peerpressure seeing as I believe we’ve made it perfectly obvious but for the record…..

    We have no relationship with auctioning4u or any of the related companies in the group.

    We are both full time eBay sellers, PowerSellers and eBay educational specialists – programs that are available to anyone who qualifies according to eBay’s rules. We also both have PayPal accounts but neither of us is employed by any eBay company.

    Neither of us are members of PESA, the federation of eBay businesses no longer exists but neither of us are members of the new federation of ecommerce businesses.

    We say it how we see it as professional eBay sellers and joint owners of TameBay (which is wholly owned by the two of us). On TameBay we publish what we like/think/want to/have opinions on at will. You don’t have to agree with us (Sue and I don’t always agree and have posted contrary comments in the past), you don’t have to read the site but we will publish our own thoughts and opinions.

    At the end of the day if you don’t like our material there is absolutely nothing to stop you starting your own website and publishing your own opinions as we have chosen to do. If you do let us know, I may sign up as your first reader.

  44. peerpressure- I have no direct connection with anyone at any of the mentioned business.
    I have bought from Auctioning4u & clocktronic and collected from their warehouses.
    The last time was with the rceivers walking behind us to watch what was taken out.
    There did seem a lot of money spent onthis progect & with new vans and at least 3 warehouses in the area.. bills must have been high!!.
    As someone has posted a terl;ephone number for pricewaterhouse perhaps a fax # would be good to, as then people can fax their receipt (paypal one will do) and a letter claiming their item directly from the rceivers.

  45. Gerry007 – That wasn’t aimed at you! 😳

    Chris – Bit touchy aren’t we? A quick no would have sufficed. But all the “thanks Christian..” and “hay guys we’d wait a bit longer…” or “I wouldn’t start a Paypal claim…” seems to be at odds with the facts;

    Mr. Braun has, despite plenty of warning signs over several years, spent the last 9 months turning a reasonable start-up into a train-wreak, he’s done it with 4 million-odd pounds that wasn’t his, or as someone else put it: Other peoples money!

    In doing so, he proved right those posting against him on other sights, sights known to you…

    Now following you explanation, I understand that you can’t jepodise you relationship with eBay/Paypal, and that’s fine, but these people need to get moving, not wait around reading Mr. Braun’s self-pitying explanations as to why it’s anybody’s fault bar his.

    Otherwise your sight is a good one and I’ll follow it!:grin:

  46. Hey Peer, in all honesty I have little faith in receivers having been on the wrong end of receiving goods/money owed 🙁

    However I have a lot more faith in PayPal refunding if they don’t, and in those circumstances I feel it reasonable to wait a little while longer than normal for the goods to arrive. As Sue said earlier – probably in the end get the good quicker than a PayPal chargeback anyway 🙂

  47. Well Guys

    I am still waiting, I will give it till next wed, as I bidded on the 6th on FEb. LIz Heggs said there won’t be any problem, if goods were not going to be dispatched, the administrators would not allow any bidding. My problem is with EBay, if something was dodgy, knowing full well Cloctronix went belly up, they should not allowed any trading, and now I am finding out that they have allowed the transfer of feedbacks from Auctioning4 to clocktronix, I think there could be legal implications, EBay mislead all of us.

    Bad Boy

  48. Bad boy- and all
    The problem is not so much with items sold AFTER the receiver went in, it is with items bought BEFORE that.
    Any warranty implied at that time will not be upheld by the receiver & any claim for either non receipt/goods not as described (ie; did not work properly or as described on receipt) SHOULD be made before the 45 days after the listing end with PAYPAL. DO NOT IGNORE THIS in the faint hope you will get your item. YOUR money is more important than a maybe and somehow!!!……
    There is no way a receiver will be responsible for items sold before this & that is why a note should be sent to the receiver (with receipt for purchase) claiming right of ownership.
    It is also possible if (as is quite usual in these cases) where a lack of paper trail exist the receiver will resell/relist something he may not know has been sold (as the chap with the toy soliders says here). It is for this reason a paper claim should be made, by fax is the best & legal way (acceptable in law).

  49. Well I won an auction an auction for a laptop on 22 Jan and before I paid I got e-mail responses from Agata using an Auctioning4u email account.

    She said my payment would not clear for 10 days even though it left my account within 2 days. When that happend she stopped replying to me.

    Today after sending chasing mails virtually every day I started a dispute with PayPal. My piont is that if I had waited in the hope that I would receive my laptop I would simply have lost the right to claim.

    Do Sue and Chris think I have done the right thing and what are my chances of getting my moeye back and is ith the whole amount including P&P

  50. You may as well claim through paypal if you can, the sooner the better because clocktronix or auctioning4u has no money left in its paypal account, so your only chance is the paypal insurance.

  51. I bought a pc after the receiver went in, costing more then £500. A week later I got email confirming that I would receive full refund as the item will not be delivered. However, few days ago I was told to claim the money from paypal. What should I do? 😳

  52. hi
    im in the same situation as stevieb

    i paid in january(same day as end of auction) and they said it would take 2 weeks to clear for the payment of my computer from clocktronix.
    and after that they never responded to emails. i then opened a dispute after 3 weeks(5 days ago) and even escalated it.
    i have emailed them with that new address above and no reply yet.

    i shall phone them tommorow using that phone number aswell.
    is there anything else i could do?

  53. Yeh! – go to your local MP or the local paper, show them these pages, the Franchisepick pages and anything else you can think of!!!!

    The French are trying to clip the wings of eBay/Paypal and bring them into line with terrestrial legislation, and the European Consumer bod is doing likewise.

    It’s time the media stopped carrying fluffy stories about the Queen-mum’s limo. or celebrity handbags and started to look at the whole can of worms in the full light of day?? 👿

  54. To all-
    If you bought the item before 31st January. Claim a refund off paypal. I do not think paypal can get out of refunds even if the sellers have taken the money outr of their paypal account. ALL listings have paypal insurance (this is shown in the seller info at the top right side of the listing.

    Paypal (if money is in the account) will try to get it back, but not much chance.

    If you bought after 31st January the receivers are responsible for the money, but paypal insurnace still applys.
    Claim your money back from paypal.

    Both Paypal & ebay have got a bad cold from this (ie lost money), but and with respect to them, it is their fault as they have allowed the situation to carry on, when they should have stopped it.

    There is still the point of who has gone up the wall. Clocktonic has gone, but there is still clear evidence (ie; emails sent on behalf of cloctronix by auctioning4u) that auctioning 4u iss responsible. They appear to be still trading, their website is still active & clicking on ebay auctions there takes you to serialsellers (which also has refernecto auctioning4u in their listings.

    The receivers should be looking into this as there appears, there could be fraud here. If anyone receives an email or letters or any communications with the receiver bring this to there notice, although they should know this already.

  55. Another thing-
    Do not delete any links to your listing in your ‘My ebay’. If you still have the listing keep it & print off the details, so you have a record of what it said.

    You can still search ebay, by typing in the item n; and print it off, but as it has ended you will not be able to save it anymore.

  56. The advice about printing off the listing is extremely good. Remember you have 45 days to file a claim with PayPal, so don’t let it slip by. If you paid with a credit card via PayPal, you will have coverage from them too, though you must make the PayPal claim first (or wave goodbye to your PP account).

  57. hi
    i have made a dispute- is that what you mean by claim?
    and i have also escalated it to emphasize my point. what actually happens after that? how do they refund me?
    i realize that there is no hope of gettin my computer anymore 😥 👿

    this has been such a usefull blog

  58. Axel- When you view the dispute in paypal where you enter further messages/reply, to the right it says escalate to a claim. You should do this as it is unlikely anyone in the sellers will respond.
    You will get a series of emails from paypal, always make certain you quote dates of emails etc & again print them off so you have copies off ebay.
    Eventually paypal should refund you the auction price and p&p.

    Good luck

  59. Well I won an acton on the 5th of this month and this Saturday I recieved a mail saying that my item had been dispatched. It hasn’t showed up yet and I can’t find it on the locator on DHL site. Dodgy. Indeed.

    I have opened a dispute and am claiming my pennies back but I had started the claim BEFORE getting that e-mail on Saturday, I have a hard time believing that I’ll ever recieve the laptop.

    Worst thing is this is coming down on my work and on the courses I am taking via internet which isn’t fair on me as a buyer.

    How ever if the laptop shows up I am just going to be happy with what I’ve got but I am not amused, it’s been TWO weeks since I’ve payed for the item and I am NOT amused (a week behind on two reports on my courses).


  60. clocktronix is a [beep], never reply on email..i also payed for philips media center never recieved.. started a claim at paypal and have my moneyback. 130 negative feedbacks in a month? and thats a power seller?? i am working to started a investigation against clocktronix. dont [beep] with me 😈 👿 😈 .

  61. Like some others I paid by paypal and took 10 days to clear in the meantime clocktronix went into receivership and relisted my item and sold it on to someone else. No contact was made and my paypal payment was allowed to clear (which by my estimation is fraud). Now from my understanding of law and ownership, that item was my property the moment payment was made and accepted and clockworxs/receivers commited theft by selling it on. Anyone reckon it is worth pursuing and getting the police involved? They are refusing to refund me my money so a paypal claim has had to be launched.

  62. “Dear V.

    According to my system your item has been dispatched on the 5th of February and the tracking number is as shown below:


    Kind regards,

    Pawel Rowicki
    Customer Service Team Leader”

    If an item was dispatched that long ago SURELY I must have recieved it by now! ALSO I recieved a mail saying that it was dispatched LAST saturday! I am VERY confused now!


  63. And what does the tracking number show you, V.? It could still be e.g. waiting in DHL’s depot, and with all that’s going on, you *really* don’t want it going back to them undelivered. Or (if you’re in Iceland as your URL suggests) could it be held up in customs?

    AlanW: you’d be better asking the police about that, but IME they won’t be interested if you’ve got/are getting your money back from PayPal.

  64. TO ALL-

    DO NOT use the DHL tracking from the main web site. Almost certainly items were sent by DHL express/home. Here is the
    correct link:

    Paste this into your browser. Click on ‘next day’ and then id code. Do not leave a space between the letters & numbers

    Hope this helps

  65. Sue-
    No problem, I just don’t want them getting away FREE & with everyones money.

    I still retain links in ‘my ebay’ to clocktronics pages. It is very interesting that not only is there a pages (ie ;STILL a registered seller link for clocktronics

    Link here;

    BUT ALSO Auctioning4u are still a registered seller with ebay. Link here;

    Although clocktronic still has all the feedback that was transfered from auctioning4u (which now has none) It might be interesting to use the ‘contact seller’ link in either or BOTH the names. To do this click on the feedback rating & use ‘contact seller’ link.

    IT IS ALWAYS advisable to use the ebay mail system as then what you saying is on record with ebay & probaly paypal.
    Hope this helps.

  66. To all-
    Auctioning4u are probaly hoping to come back, after all the S**T has died down (sorry about the swear word)

  67. has anyone had any experience with pawel rowicki stating that ‘the item will be dispatched today’ in emails, but then not bothering to dispatch them? I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks now and whenever i email him to ask when it will be dispatched, he just states that it will be dispatched that day, and so said that pretty much each day i emailed him. In the end i just opened a paypal claim, as my emails warning that i’ll open a claim if the item isn’t sent just tend to prompt a response that he’ll send the item, and tbh its obvious i’m just being given the run around…

    Btw, if the feedback for the user drops below 98% while the claim is being made, does that void the £500 buyer protection cover? I’m hoping not as its currently sitting at 98.3%…


  68. Azrael –

    Ask him for the tracking # and use the link above I have put here.

    As far as feedback loss is concerned, It can make no difference to any claim you are making. The rules on POWERSELLER feedback is that they must maintain at least 98% over a giben period.
    Like all things that go wrong, when the feedback drops it is usually because of situations like this.
    So don’y worry about this as it will make no difference.

  69. 👿 [Beep] ive been ripped off over £400 …am i still covered if i paid with a credit card through paypal but not my paypal.


  70. Gerry007 –

    Ive asked several times for a track code but in fact it isnt possible as apparently its ‘still in the p&p department’. I’m glad to hear that i should be able to get the full amount back, but tbh it never should of got to this point anyways.

    Thanks for the reply 🙂

  71. Harney, yes, you’re doubly covered. If you have to claim, put in the dispute to PayPal first. If you don’t get your money back from them (and you should), then contact the card company.

  72. Thanks Sue

    😀 😛

    I won items with my ebay but someone else paid with there paypal with a credit card is that still ok ive placed claim with paypal 10 days ago.

  73. Well, it’s the person who actually made the payment who’ll really be claiming, but the fact that you borrowed someone else’s account (assuming you did it with their permission :lol:) shouldn’t make any difference.

  74. Phew!! Thanks Again Sue This site has been a heaven…..

    I’m going to leave neg feedback for my item and place this link in there so other may benefit

    Good Luck to all…..

  75. hi
    its me again

    guess what happened, that pawel guy emailed me today!
    he said i had opened a dispute so they hadent dispatched the item(surely they would have sold it on like everyone else says?) and that i should inform them of when i have dropped the dispute so they can send it.

    im thinking i should go ahead with dropping the dispute and if i dont recieve it within a week, then i will open another dispute. does it matter if im still in the dispute after the 45 days since the end of the auction, will it carry on untill i get my money back?


  76. axel –

    i personally wouldn’t take much comfort with what he says, as in one instance he stated he would personally go down to the warehouse himself and push my item through, and yet he hasn’t dispatched the item. I’ll wait for my claim to clear and then just purchase the item elsewhere (people complaining about broken items has put me off quite a bit), plus i can get the same item cheaper from an online store (which i’ve used many times and are very good). Bottom line really is whether you feel you can trust him to dispatch the item, and as far as i’ve seen i don’t trust him one bit lol

    I sound sinister but this situation has probably got the best of me 🙂

  77. Sadly I’m not sure if you close the dispute if you can then open another with PayPal in the future for the same item. If you funded the payment by credit card you’d still be able to claim from your card.

    It’s one of those circumstances where opening a dispute early isn’t always the best policy, waiting a couple of weeks is a better idea.

  78. …Dont really know what to think. Bought a 750 pound item on Feb 8th (after they went into administration) and not heard a dicky bird yet.

    How long would you wait before one tried claiming on paypal…albeit for only 500 not the full amount (paid on debit card sad to say)


  79. @Axel: the 45 days is when you need to have opened the dispute; it doesn’t close if it isn’t resolved by then (and some more complex disputes go on for ages). I think perhaps it’s a shame you opened it so early (though I do understand why you did). As the item hasn’t been dispatched, I personally would just let the claim go through now.

    @Paul: I think that this whole saga really illustrates why trading on eBay isn’t like trading anywhere else. You bought your item ten days ago (actually six full working days!): I think that the people working for the administrators don’t have much eBay experience, they don’t seem to be able to deal with the speed of dispatch and the excellent communication that we are all used to on eBay, and that is understandably worrying people.

    I would expect that you would get your item soon, though not perhaps as soon as you would like. As other people have found, if you put in a PayPal claim now, your item will probably not be dispatched.

  80. hi

    i payed using credit card so hopefully thats going to save me.
    i closed the dispute only to realize that i cant reopen- 😯

    the pawel guy told me to close it which might not be good as now he can get away with my money as i cannot inform paypal through a dispute.
    i have however told paypal about my situation and see what they said. also about how clocktronix suck!!!!!

    should i ask him to send my computer??

    man you guys are great

  81. axel –

    If your unable to open a dispute then indeed is it possible for him simply to not send the item? tbh this is the first problem i’ve had using ebay, and tend to research the seller’s feedback to make sure i’m doing the right thing. In this case however i didnt do enough research methinks lol As i said before, i wouldn’t really trust what that pawel guy tells you, as he seems to have been leading me on from the start.

    Mabye someone else with more exp can shed some light on whether a second dispute can be opened?


  82. I am 99% certain you cannot open another dispute once you’ve closed the first. However, you do have the right to cancel the order, if you want to do that (Distance Selling Regulations, if you need to quote legislation at him!).

    TBH, I think you *will* get it, if you choose to wait… as I said above, I don’t think these people are really used to the high expectations eBay buyers have.

  83. Hi all-

    Sur is right. Once a paypal dispute is closed, you CANNOT reopen a dispute/start another dispute for the same item.

    Unless everyone live 100’s of miles away why not come to london (check hours, they are there) and collect the items.

    Between a few people, maybe share the expense or even employ a GOOD taxi firm to go to their warehouse & collect.
    You would have to arrange it, so one firm deals for everyone, but why not if you all send copy documents to the same firm & they collect, then someone local could re-distibute via say DHL.
    Yes it’ll cost, but just think how good agood night’s sleep feels like again.
    There is a good (maybe not the cheapest) firm in central LOndon that does vans & taxis, etc.

    If anyone want s the info, I’ll look it up and post it.

  84. Hi

    I have had an email from Clocktronix on Sunday advising me of the DHL tracking no, but this is not recognised by the DHL website (I know the correct place to check as I have purchased previous items). Does this mean it is in the Clocktronix warehouse awaiting collection, or could it be that they have given me a false tracking no just to pacify me into a false sense of security?

  85. Davidh-
    I send items with DHL all the time & if they have collected it, it will be on their website by the close of business on the day it was collected.
    Just in case use this link:

    If it ain’t there then they havent sent it yet.

    Again it seems, they are full of promises!!

  86. davidh –

    Sunday you say? so they have even less excuses for why they never replied to my emails which were sent friday, and even today i had to send another to prompt a response (they ignored my request for cancellation in the latest email i sent and replied to an earlier one asking for a delivery time + tracking code lol). In the end i wouldn’t be surprised if they had no intention of sending my item at all, as there have been many people who ordered things on the same day and even after who have recieved their items according to the clocktronix ebay feedback.

    lol they’re probably searching round ebay trying to find the items that they’re suppose to have and telling people that they’ll get their item soon, to give themselves enough time to get them themselves lol wouldn’t surprise me at all…

  87. hi again

    from looking at everyones worries and problems ect.
    we dont really need be that concerned, because we have a phone number and address and the fact that there are plenty of us, we could just call the police and accuse them of fraud considering they are promising us our items.
    but, hopefully that wont happen.

    i shall post my progress


  88. calm down calm down, i contacted
    [incorrect contact information removed; see below for correct email address to use]
    this morning, and this afternoon my order was sent out, dhl confirmed, i bought 4 th feb reason i am writing here is
    1 anyone who bought after liquidators is 100 pc safe ,
    bought before, email and phone, if you file an pay pal claim then obviously your order will be cancelled ,but you do have 45 days to file, if you are worried email me and i will show proof

  89. Sue, I’ve been living in England for the last 7 months and my computer is suppose to be on it’s way to my address here. When I try to track the item with DHL the number is not excisting, I even called them to confirm if the number was on their listing but they couldn’t find it on their system. Dodgy?

    *smiles* Just saw your addtion that you had read the blog 😛


  90. I have received my NTB from clocktronix yesterday winned on 5th Feb. Was sended to czech republic…No emails at all.
    But received this pos. from them:
    “Great communication. A pleasure to do business with”

    It is a shame of them it was a good prices and I felt safe with them….

    Good luck to OTHERS!!!

    Czech Republic

  91. I put in a paypal claim for my £650ish item on Saturday morning. Does this mean that my order will be cancelled and that i’ll only get £500 of compensation?


  92. hi
    they will definatly cancel the order but i dont know about if you have the protetion to get they money back. thats probably something you should check up with paypal.

  93. Hi Azrael,

    In response to this question:

    if the feedback for the user drops below 98% while the claim is being made, does that void the £500 buyer protection cover?

    The answer is No. The amount of buyer protection coverage is based on the seller’s status at the time of listing. If the seller’s feedback has changed in the meantime, you’ll still be protected up to £500 instead of £150.


  94. markymark-
    Unfortunately, if they have cleared their paypal account you will probaly only get the amount of paypal insurance shown in the listing.
    Paypal will always try to get the full amount, but reliy on being able to hold on to funds in the sellers account.
    And if it’s empty…..oh!!

    Hope this helps

  95. Markymark: as Gerry says, PayPal will try to refund the buyer the full amount by claiming it from the seller. It’s only if they are unable to do this that the buyer protection kicks in: think of it like PayPal insuring you for up to £500. In this case, it seems extremely likely that you would get the full amount back: the receivers are there dealing with stuff, they’re not fly-by-nights! As someone’s already said, these are probably some of the safest auctions on eBay.

  96. Hæ Sue, ég segi gott takk, en þú?

    Yes I did try the link but appernly it’s none excisting the number that I’ve been provided with. Which isn’t very amusing I’ve got to admit.


  97. Markymark-
    Sorry if I misled you. You did not say (or at least I did not notice) when you bought the item. If before 31st January then my posting is right. BUT if after february 1st then receiver ‘should’ refund ALL monies.

    Make certain you enter the track # properly. Go to ‘next day’; then ‘id code’. Enter all letters & number without a space.

    If thta does not come up, then go back to them & tell them & ask for the correct track #

  98. That’s a good point Gerry – I was assuming Mark bought after 1st Feb, and I think you were assuming he bought before. So sorry if I’ve misinformed Mark too.

  99. I bought my item on 4th Feb.
    In a strange quirk of fate………
    the item arrived 2 minutes after posting my question on here. I hope the rest of you are as lucky.


  100. Oh nice one Mark! Time to cancel the PayPal claim 😀

    I have to say I think a little patience is needed this time around, I’m pretty sure they’re doing their best to get everything shipped, it’s not in the interests of anyone for them to have stock left at the end of the day – that’s the whole point of liquidation

  101. LOL, glad you got it!

    Presumably if it had been bought before 1st Feb and PayPal were unable to recoup the money from the seller, anything not covered by PayPal would become part of the receivership claim?

  102. Well what I get when I’ve been trying to track the item that it’s an invalid code, not amused. I’ve sent them a mail saying that this code isn’t on the DHL system and they say that it hasn’t been sent.

    Now just waiting for a mail from Pawel and see if he has an explaination for me.

  103. Well i dunno if the claim caused it, but i recieved an email confirming the item was dispatched with city link and the track code provided states the item is due to be delivered tomorrow… now i’m pondering whether to cancel the claim before or after the item arrives, just to make sure its in the condition (new) it should be ect. Any recommendations?


  104. V.: fingers crossed Pawel gets you some more accurate information.

    Azrael: leave the claim open for now. You won’t be able to open another if you close it (see up-thread), but I doubt PayPal will decide it before you have your item (and if they do, you can always pay again 🙂 ). Fingers crossed for *you* that it all arrives safely and as you want.

  105. ALL-

    As Chris says’ a little patience’ is needed.
    BUT if you bought before the receivers went in (31st January, ie From the 6th January) and you have not received your item it’s more serious. Any PAYPAL claim must be lodged within 45 days
    (I now everyone keeps repeating this, BUT it is important)

  106. hi
    well, i got a reply from pawel and he says they will be sending the item today or tommorow. some good news atlast even though i purchased it at 19th january.
    hopefully they send me a tracking code as well.

  107. AXEL-
    IF, hopefully you will get the item, although the current staff are working for the receivers, you do NOT get satisfaction. CLAIM FROM PAYPAL the LATEST BY 2nd MARCH , LATEST.

  108. These are the two guys actually handling the bone-picking exercise

    [incorrect contact information removed; see below for correct email address to use]

    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP,
    Plumtree Court,
    EC4A 4HT

    [incorrect contact information removed; see below for correct email address to use]

    That’s everything people on several sights have come up with…

    Threaten them with BBC Watchdog, the ‘Which’ consumer affairs group, Trading Standards, FSA, Media, your local MP, and anyone else you can think of.

    Lets get a rocket under their ass’es and some movement in this sorry, inevitable mess.

  109. peerpressue thanks for the info posted today. What I cannot get my head round is the fact that I won the goods on the 31st January 2008 (administration day) but paid via PayPal on the 1st of February 2008 and payment was accepted but no communication received either from Clocktronix or the administrators. According to a legal friend of mine they should have suspended the payment in a customer account and only transferred the funds once the goods had been received by the buyer.

  110. Useful information, Peerpressure, thanks for posting.

    One thing I want to say though – before you threaten Watchdog, your MP, etc., ask for your goods or your money back, and try to get a commitment to a time-scale. Remember you have the right to cancel the contract, so if you wish to exercise that right, do so. Going in screaming and assuming you’re going to lose out or be ripped off isn’t going to make things any better.

  111. No responce yet to my mail to Pawel, asked him why I had been given a wrong tracking number and if he had the right one for me. I take it as this is not happening and I am just waiting for my pennies back.

    Worst bit is that this is coming down on schooling which is VERY important to me.

    Not good at all!


  112. Well ohh well! Am apparently just suppose to wait till I get my refund from Paypal as my item is apparently lost in the system. I am SO NOT amused.

    Am how ever getting the same model of a computer in a week from another supplier.

    Hope that you guys will be luckier then I’ve been! Will be keeping an eye on this site though.


  113. Had to claim from Paypal, that Pawel guy adviced me to do that. It’s incruciating having to wait to get your money back to be able to invest in another computer when you desperatly need the damned thing.

    But well, I guess if I get my pennies back I should just be happy with that. Still been not very nice THREE weeks now since I payed for the sodded thing on paypal. I have never been known for patience but I’ve given them all the time in the world to do this.

    I just know if I won’t get my pennies back from Paypal I will be getting some legal assistance.

    With best regards.

  114. TameBay have had a call from Price Waterhouse Coopers and the correct contact to use is

    [email protected]

    Please do not email any address other than this or contact the directors directly. They do not have the information to hand to be able to respond to your queries. Emailing allows them to investigate your query and respond even though it may take a little while to gather the information required.

    They are attempting to ship all orders so we would strongly recommend giving them as long as possible to ship your order before taking further action. You have 45 days to submit a PayPal claim so if you have any concerns email Melvin on the above email address as opening a claim or chargeback will simply delay the process of getting either your goods or your money back.

    You can also write to them at
    Price Waterhouse Coopers
    12 Plumtree Court
    EC4A 1HT

    We can all have confidence that Price Waterhouse Coopers are a reputable company and although unfamiliar with ebay are doing their best to handle an unfortunate situation.

  115. “We can all have confidence that Price Waterhouse Coopers are a reputable company”

    Not only reputable but huge and very prestigious.

  116. in resposne to gerry007:

    sadly, i have already opened a dispute and closed it, so i cannot open another one. if dont dont recieve the item then ill have to inform paypal(again) and probably the police.

  117. Axel, before you do those things, inform Melvin from PWC at the email address above. I know I keep saying this: people shouldn’t assume they’re going to be ripped off. I know the situation feels wrong – eBay bidders are used to almost-instant delivery and constant communication – but Price Waterhouse Cooper are not about to run off with people’s goods 🙂

  118. hi
    i have taken your advice and emailed melvin.
    hopefully i recieve it within the end of the weak and i hope everybody else comes out with what they want aswell.

    just out of curiosty, what have you guys got from auction4u?
    i got a computer and i take it thats what most people got because they were quite good deals.

  119. I hear what you guys are saying about the integrity og PWC and it is in there interest to protect their reputation but please answer this.

    If they are not communicating with people that have already paid for items then how do they know NOT to relist those items. That would be neglegent possibly fraudulent in that ignorance of the law is no defence.

  120. Axel: I think most people on here seem to have got computers; lots of them mentioning laptops. I don’t know if that’s self-selecting somewhat, as if you’d bought a pair of shoes, you wouldn’t maybe need them so urgently, or be quite so concerned about the loss of the money.

    StevieB: it doesn’t look like they’re relisting anything at the moment. At least for the shops I know of, they’re all empty.

  121. Thank you for that Sue. Am now just waiting for my claim to go through. And my bosses at the office have granted me a pay in advance (which I should get on monday) to go and get myself a new laptop. They are thankfully very supportive of me taking courses and the need to be able to send in my reports.


  122. Hello all. I bought a laptop and a desktop. The first one arrived, with the tracking mail, but it had the power supply missing, and no printed manual as they said. I first opened a claim in ebay (not dispute), and at first they wanted to credit me 20 pounds. Discussed with them, and agreed to make a credit of 30 pounds.

    After 10 days they still hadn’t done anything and didn’t have plans to answer. So I rised a dispute for both the power supply (bought before February) and the desktop (bought the 5th of February). I am still waiting for paypal to credit both of them to me. I guess that if they had agreed to credit me 30 pounds (it is clearly visible on the messages) there might not be any problem on getting both credits.

    By the way..the laptop worked fine and except the missing things, it’s been quite good.

    Thanks to all. Greetings from Spain

  123. Big :mrgreen: for V’s bosses.

    Leo: I’m not quite clear why you raised a dispute on the desktop if you have that and it’s okay? I think you need to contact PWC on the email Chris posted above and try to get this resolved. I know from personal experience that slightly more complex disputes can take FOREVER to resolve with PayPal, and I think you’ll have more success if you can get PWC to deal with it themselves.

  124. Just an update. I have received 3 emails from agata at auctioning4u all stating that my item had been despatched. I have been checking daily on DHL tracking (yes I am checking on the correct url at However the reference given to me is not recognised. I have contacted DHL and they have informed me that they do not have any parcels for me or any package with the quoted reference. I suspect that the tracking reference is correct but that Clocktronix still have it sat in their warerhouse (at least thats what I hope is the case). As I bought the item on 5/2/08 I know that the sale is being controlled by PWC, so I have now emailed them for the correct position about my item. I hope this will all be over soon 😥

  125. I think you’re probably right David: they’ll have a bunch of DHL consignment notes, so they’ll have your tracking number before they’ve dispatched it. Fingers crossed it’s all sorted soon for you.

  126. hi again

    i just got a reply from melvin-

    he says my item is in the wharehouse and will be shipped today( not what pawel said but good enough).
    but, he also said that he had told the wharehouse staff to post EVERYTHING TODAY. i dont know if that means absolutly everything will be dispatched today but it sounds like there getting a move on 😀

  127. Sue, I may be mistaken but I though that there was reference in an earlier posting that stated that items were being relisted apollogies for the confusion.

  128. Stevie: no worries 😉 You’re right, there was one person who said their item was relisted a while back, but that does seem to have stopped. I think they have enough on their hands without relisting.

    Axel: that’s great news. Watch out for those DHL vans everyone!

  129. Sue: I put the claim cause I payed for the desktop and it never arrived. Regarding the laptop (which I have it) I didn’t receive the power supply (I had to buy a new one). In addition, I didn’t get the promised credit for the power supply for quite a long time, and my time to rise the dispute was coming to an end.

    Anyway, I don’t want anything but my money back now.


  130. Well personally I’m just waiting for my claim on Paypal to go through which will be nice. And getting my new computer on Monday evening which will be good, two reports coming up, one about “How well do the movies reflect on Elizabeths life?” and “Is Icelandic a dying language?” will just be a few more days and a few points detucted because I am LATE sending them in.

    Did mail Melvin today who told me that DHL had provided them with a few tracking numbers that don’t work but I’d be supriced if the laptop REALLY does show up. I am not counting on it to be honest as I had been sent a mail that it was sent on the 16th and then Pawel told me that it had been sent on the 5th, rubbish.

    Just hope everyone will be a bit luckier then I have, am just hoping that I’ll get my pennies through Paypal as the claims last day is on Sunday! And I SHOULD get my pennies then.


  131. Just to provide another update. I have now heard from PWC and they have confirmed as above that all items will have left the warehouse by this evening. What is concerning however is that their records show that my item was sent by DHL on 16/2 but they had a mixup with the DHL tracking reference and don’t know the reference. 👿 Bearing in mind that DHL items are supposed to be next day delivery it looks like my item has gone awol 😥 To quote Melvin,
    “I would suggest waiting a few days and it should turn up.

    By close of business today, all items will have been shipped out of the warehouse.

    Thank you for your patience,

    Melvin Tay”

    I hope it does turn up.

  132. so if we go by melvins word, we should get our items tommorow or the day after considering its next day delivery. but they havent exactly lived up to there promises have they……………..

  133. Hi all…i am in the same boat, i bought a laptop for £220 from COCKtronix on the 6th of feb, i have not had an email or any contact from them at all,,,i phoned rob birchal and he said he would ask somebody who is dealing with the delivery’s to ring me, which he did…i spoke to a guy who told me the laptop was getting sent that evening(the 20th)…and i would recieve an email with my tracking number, no such luck…i am running out of patiance now as i’m sure you other buyers are..

    is there a time limit on when i can put a claim in..i am reluctant at the moment with the recent info added to the forum….but i am worried that if i wait too long i wont be able to get my money back…..yours hopefully

  134. Aaron: Other people have been told that they are intending to have everything dispatched this week, so that confirms what you were told.

    You have 45 days to put in a claim with PayPal, so there’s no panic just yet. If you’re concerned, you need to mail Melvin Tay [email protected] but if I were you, I’d be looking out for the DHL van in the next day or two.

    Fingers crossed for you – please let us know what happens.

  135. Aaron, I payed for mine at the 5th of February but haven’t recieved it yet. Got a message with an invalid tracking number on the 16th and no DHL delivery van outside my place or work.


  136. Davidh & all-

    RE; DHL TRACKING. As said earlier, I like all DHL users have astock of tracking barcodes for use as and when. It looks as if PWC & auctioibg4u are stating tracking # for items not yet dispatched. This is NOT ok, as it gives the faulse impression that an item is in transit.

    IF THE CORRECT Tracking # is not available if a claim for loss has to be made to DHL….DHL will NOT process or PAY a claim with no tracking #. It is important that PWC % all, obtain the tracking details correctly otherweise to add insult to injury, there will be no compo from DHL without it……

    RE;- PWC

    Indeed the receivers are a larger company. BUT rememeber they are working for the Co’ that put this outfit into receivership (almost certainly their BANK) & as such the PWC’s are out to get as much of their money back as possible. ALL else is behind them.. And almost all (inc; Paypal) will be unsecured creditors.. This will include buyers if their paperwork is not in order (ie;tracking info etc’)

    Just bear in mind that ‘Do it properly and get your money or goods back)

    Hope this helps

  137. hi
    if anyone reieves there item please let us know so we know when we should expect ours!

  138. Hi all,
    I suppose much of this will get sorted over time…As the postings here seem to be getting less (hopefully) I imagine prople are at last receiving their items.

    IF NOT it may be time to start a list of all people who are still waiting for their item. Email the receivers with; Item n;, date listing started & ended, payment method, payment date, buyers name & address(from ebay/paypal account OR payers name & address /paypal). The contact details if not the same as the ebay/paypal.
    This also applies to FAULTY GOODS RECIVED.

    ALSO remember do not disclose any other personnal information than that required to claim.

    Hope this helps

  139. hi
    i still havent recieved anything? no responses about tracking codes either………..
    anyone heard anything?

  140. I finally received a tracking code e-mail last Wednesday stating the goods I bought on the 31st Jan were coming. Nothing has arrived though and the code doesn’t work on the City Link website… 😡

    I e-mailed Melvin first thing yesterday, with all pertinent details, but no reply… 👿

    So do you guys think it’s finally time to raise a claim with Paypal?

  141. If everything was shipped last Friday, personally I’d wait til next Friday before I put in a PayPal claim, *unless* the 45 days since payment was approaching. I’d also say that PWC sadly are not as quick as most eBay sellers at responding to their email 🙁

  142. hi
    well im in trouble, my 45 day claim ends in a week and ive already dropped the claim so i cant do it again.

    i am getting really impatient with these people as its been over 4 weeks. 👿

  143. Axel-

    If your 45 day period ends in a week, you must have bought the item BEFORE the receivers went in?.
    If you have opened & closed a claim with paypal, as you say you cannot go back.

    You may be able to claim something off Ebay, as they do offer some compo in certain circumstances.

    HOWEVER if Mervins word is from and on behalf of the receivers, & they have stated in writing (email) that they did have your item (abeit pending dispatch) you should write to the receivers, with the details as I have posted above, to
    [email protected]

    Do this NOW as it seems they have accepted responsibility for your sale & dispatch of your item, even though it was bought before receivership..

    Otherwise, you may have to get in the long line of unsecured creditors…..sorry!!.

  144. I’m sorry to say that I think by closing the PayPal dispute, Axel’s put himself beyond any form of compo. from eBay too. If it was a credit card funded payment, he should be able to claim back from them – otherwise as Gerry says, it’s joining the queue.

  145. I bought a TV dvd combo from them on Jan 25th, it took 4 weeks to arrive but no email was sent to advise of this and it arrived via Interlink Couriers not dhl as others have said. I had been in contact with Agata on the helpline email address prior to this. My TV does not work which is not how it was advertised. Now no emails are being answered. If I lodge a claim with paypal will I stand a chance of getting my money back?

  146. Dave: 25th Jan is before the receivership, so a PayPal claim is about your best chance of a refund. They’ll tell you you have to send it back, which I guess you would need to do to the address above – I’m really not sure how returning faulty goods to companies in receivership works! – but you should get up to £500 of your money back from PayPal.

  147. I just wanted to thank you Sue and Chris for writing this thing as it did help me lots.

    Now have a brand new laptop, thanks to PC World and my employers for their understanding, and just awaiting my refund through Paypal.

    Sue, I have no intentions to let Icelandic die though I don’t live there 😉


  148. Dave-

    You will have to send the TV back to the sender. Paypal will only pay the amount you sent to buy the item (inc P&P to you).
    The receivers ‘should’ accept the item back as they are now acting as the owners of the business in receivership.

    If the TV is returned paypal will pay you. File a claim with paypal as ‘item not as described’ adding the item does not work and is NOT fit for purpose
    YOU will have to pay the return postage and regretfully you will not get this back.

    Claim now from Paypal.
    You will be regarded as an unsecuresd creditor by the receivers and therfore unlikely to get anything back from them….
    You may also be able to claim from the couriers IF the TV was damaged in transit.
    Claim from paypal & as Sue says if your credit card is the source of funds for your paypal account.

  149. Thanks for the advice.
    I emailed Mervin at PWC last night and he phoned this afternoon – nice, helpful chap – he advised that I proceed through Paypal as I am guaranteed a refund although it may be a lengthy process. He stated that he is open to all communication phone/email and will try to help but he has a lot to plough through. 🙄

  150. Thanks for the advice.
    I emailed Melvin at PWC last night and he phoned this afternoon – nice, helpful chap – he advised that I proceed through Paypal as I am guaranteed a refund although it may be a lengthy process. He stated that he is open to all communication phone/email and will try to help but he has a lot to plough through.

  151. Glad to hear V’s finally got a new laptop, and that at least Dave’s saga’s moving in the right direction. Hope PayPal don’t take too long with your refund: make sure you return the TV via a method that’s trackable online so PayPal can see you’ve returned it.

  152. hi
    i took gery007’s advice and emailed him with the details.
    Melvin responded immidatlyw hich was nice however he said they had no record of my item at all!!!! he said i should wait untill friday as they have cleared the wharehouse. i dont see where my item could have dissapeared to?
    if it doesent arrive i should put a claim in with payapl (which i cant). surely he could just give me a refund considering he has my money?

  153. Axel: I am getting the impression that the receivers don’t have access to the PayPal account. If PayPal have frozen it (which given the number of issues there have been, I expect they have), PCW may not be able to refund you themselves (I should add – that is pure speculation on my part, and I don’t know if I’m correct or not).

    I wish you hadn’t closed the dispute 🙁

    How did you fund the payment? if the money is from your credit card, then you need to contact them and ask them to do a chargeback. If it was PayPal balance or bank transfer, then frankly I’m a bit stuck as to what you can do. It looks to me like you’ll be an unsecured creditor, joining the queue for whatever cash might be left.

  154. Hi all….i spoke to melvin too on monday..he told me all the items had been posted on friday evening as you all know…he then told me that the courier service was city sprint and they took everything they had……
    well i phoned city sprint and they told me they mainly do next day delivery and usually only post letters and documentation, the guy i spoke to advised me to claim my money back so i have started a dispute with pay pal…i am not risking it any more [edited by moderator] START A DISPUTE AND GET YOUR MONEY BACK…And we can all learn from this horrible experiance…..if its a laptop you bought like me try laptops direct , i just got a good deal on a new acer…good luck all…..aaron


  156. Message from paypal


    Dear V

    We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your favour.

    We were able to recover xxx GBP, and this amount has been credited to you. Please allow five business days for this adjustment to be posted.

    If you are due any additional funds, we will make our best effort torecover the balance from the seller.

    If the seller’s account has insufficient funds to complete the refund owed to you, please be assured that we will take appropriate action against the seller’s account, which may include limitation of the seller’s account privileges.


    Am a happy bunny now and just patiently wait for my pennies that will be spent into something nice… probably something for my birthday which is just about to come up!

    Good luck ya all! I’ll bee keeping an eye on this site though in the future!


  157. Don’t listen to Melvin. They are using paypal to cover their liabilities so they can hold onto their little pot of gold. I.e. they are LOOKING AFTER THEIR OWN INTERESTS, NOT YOURS.

    Claim went through and predictably I DID NOT get the full amount because clockworx have no funds in their account and have left paypal to foot the bill. I gave both clockworx and the administrator ample time to return my money, both parties refused. The paypal claim was made because I felt I had no option. My patients is exhausted. I am now taking this matter to the police. I hold the administrator responsible for either selling on property I had already purchased or for unlawfully taking my money. Either way it’s theft on both counts.

  158. Well well. I paid nearly £800 for an item AFTER they went bust (Feb 8th) and no goods or emails etc…

    I have a cunning plan.

    I am going to issue county court proceedings against the PCW the joint administrators for the FULL amount and legal fees. You see, poaypal only refund £500 and I am NOT going to lose out. FACT.

    So, if you bought after 31/1/8 issue court proceedings against them….and see who starts to jump and resolve refunds or delivery of goods

    As joint administrators they are legally responsible for any monies taken AFTER the administration date. FACT

    Lets ALL sue them. Why not? what do we have lose?


    I wil kepp you all updated

  159. Axel-

    You have previously posted that the receivers have confirmed (with wrong track info)that your item was sent. I would email the receivers again & paste copies of your previous email to & from him, and ask for their comments.
    they do appear to have accepted that the item was there but it is now not.
    See what they say!.


    Paypal have been bitten badly here. BUT it was ebay & paypal’s fault as they allowed them to keep trading on ebay when they were in trouble.
    As far as paypal is concerned , if the listing has £500 protection then that is the max you will get. Even if the receivers have cleared the paypal account, that is not your problem. Paypal have offered protection so should pay all upto that amount.


    Sadly it not as easy as that.
    The receivers will deny resposibility as in the listings they listed they had a disclaimer in the top part of the description panel.
    If they have taken money for an item they listed, then not delivered it. This is fraud.

    Issuing a single County Court action will only get you back (if atall) the amount you claim & the issue fees. You cannot claim your legal cost in County Court actions if it is a single track item (which a single claim is).

    It would be far better if there is enough people who have lost money to club together & claim as a joint action. Then it would be a multi track action & costs could be awarded.
    This will require someone with resonable knowledge of the Court system, better a solicitor, BUT legal fees do not come cheap.

    Remember also, the receivers are reading what is posted here as they have previously contacted Tamebay’s Chris. so be careful what you write here.

    I still think some bad publicity would be best to get them moving. so, if enough people email BBC watchdog

    If enough write to them, they will look into it.

    Hope this helps

  160. Axel

    you are not correct. I can claim costs if a solicitor acts for me. I purchased these goods AFTER they went bust.

    Now, I spoke to the administrators ealier today who state my money is in a safe fund and when its all cleared up they will refund monies. The dilema is that paypal have a 45 day claim period, so wait to see if you get it back as per promise or claim via paypal and also lose money…as in my case the total was nearly £800 and had a £500 insurance via paypal.

    So, I decided to claim back via paypal today. I will also issue county court proceedings on Monday against the administrators for the remainder.

    Alex, as per your comment

    “Sadly it not as easy as that.
    The receivers will deny resposibility as in the listings they listed they had a disclaimer in the top part of the description panel.
    If they have taken money for an item they listed, then not delivered it. This is fraud.

    You see, I bought the goods after they went bust, also, stating that they PERSONALLY are not liable is clearly stated, but their FIRM IS responsible, make NO mistake.

    I know they read this blog, as they mentioned it enough to me during my telephone conversation earlier today

    My suggestion. If you bought after JAN 15TH then claim back via paypal. If the amount is more han the insurance then issue legal proceedings against Price Waterhouse.

    They are responsible from Jan 15th. If they took peoples money after that date then they must bear the responsibility and pay the monies back.

    So, sue them. OR, call the police, as they have committed fraud.

    [telephone number removed – it’s really not a good idea to post your phone number in an open forum]

  161. Paul-

    Your comments above seem to addressed to AXEL & ALEX when in fact you appear to be commenting on my posting.

    I accept you can claim solicitors costs in issuing a county court summons via a solicitor (at least work carried out by a solicitor before issue of summons), but as your post said you intended (I intend) i assumed you were isuing personnally).

    If you read through the postings here, it is the 31st January that the receivers have taken over from, NOT the 15th January. Any purchases before and on the 31st January will be dealt with by the receivers as ‘unsecured creditors’.

    The receivers are responseable from the 31st January. There disclaimer says they are not personally responsible. They are running the company in receivership/administration for whoever put the Co into receivership and therefore probaly the person to sue would be the Co you paid the money to, and probaly naming the receivers. You should seek legal advise on this matter.

  162. hi
    i was about to say, i dident make any of those comments?

    obviosuly my computer dident come today, and im going to email watchdog and please tell me if you are aswell.
    it is fraud as they said they had sent my item but they hadent and infact they havent even got the item in my case!

    the more of us that take action the more likely we are going to get somehwere because this is just getting ridiculous………

  163. They’re now shifting lorry loads of stuff to private sellers, so your stuff won’t even be re-listed, just flogged-off ‘trade’.

    You should have left those addresses and numbers up, not censored them out. These people only react to pressure, not sycophantic facilitation!!? 🙁

  164. Hey peerpressure, you seem to keep close tabs on what’s going on. Do you mind if I ask where you get your information? Do you have any relationship with auctioning4u or related companies or have an inside source?

  165. 1 Peerpressure is an EX employee of Clockworx, who lost an action against the Company and was obliged to pay costs to Clockworx.

    2 The goods that are being “shifted” are the sellers’ goods and they are being returned to the sellers, or they are company goods (desks, computers and plant and machinery) that will be sold at a traditional auction. Those goods sold but not delivered due to inadequate addresses or the opening of Paypal “non delivery” disputes after 31.1.08 are also being returned to the sellers. A record of those goods paid for after 16.1.08 (the date beyond buyers monies were held in what Clockworx called a Trust account) but not delivered items is available and will be reconciled to monies received before buyers and / or Paypal are refunded. Legal advice is being sought to confirm that the Trust is valid and to ensure all such claims have been received and are valid before payment can be considered.

    This process will take time because the Administrators were only granted formal access to the Paypal account on 29.2.08. No post 16.1.08 individual buyer / Paypal refund claims will be paid in preference to another. No seller will be paid until buyer claims are dealt with.

    A number of people have complained here of a lack of response to emails but have been using the address shown on Paypal, which could not be changed until 29.2.08, even though the correct contact details were posted here or by Royal Mail to all known creditors (Melvin Tay). As of 29.2.08 Paypal should carry the correct email address.

    There will be delays in answering any queries as they are checked manually against company / courier records and then against stock, individuals will unfortunately be disadvantaged by the delays but the general body of creditors will benefit from as thorough and as accurate a review as is possible.

    It is inevitable that some stocks will have gone missing both before and after the Administration process and if buyers and sellers have suffered such a loss, they will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

    There are a number of sites that explain the insolvency Administration process in brief and in detail. It may help you to read them.

  166. I would like to add, no censorship has taken place. Incorrect contact details have been removed because, as anyone could work out, people are not going to read all the comments on this thread, they’re just going to start emailing the first email they come to. If that email is incorrect, the thread has not helped them.

  167. realitycheck-

    Clearly you are connected to the receivers as you know all!!!!.

    It is rather a pity that it has taken all this time for you to post comments that whilst not all satisfactory, would have weeks ago, put alot of buyers minds at rest.

    There are people on this blog & propaby many that haven’t found it, that have been on the verge of pulling their hair out in worry and frustration.

    Whilst accepting that the receiver have only just gained access to the Co’ paypal account and their ‘trust’ what was wrong with simply letting people know what was going on.

    Let us all hope, that this rather pathetic saga will conclude in a successful refund of all monies due to buyers.
    Thankfully & obviously without the buyers knowledge ‘Paypal’ appears to have blocked the account, propaly from the 31st January, so maybe all will be well.

    Just keep on to the receivers & ask them for interest on YOUR money the Co’ has been holding.

    [email protected]

  168. There is a difference between administrators, liquidators and receivers. Clockworx is in administration.

    The Administrators have a duty to contact all known CREDITORS. Buyers aren’t creditors until the transaction has failed to complete and many people raised disputes with Paypal as a means of forcing a response from Clockworx. It is NOT in the interests of ALL creditors for the company to deliver goods it doesn’t own to people that haven’t paid, or where those payments might be used by Paypal to settle other historic disputes, not related to a post adminsitration transaction.

    The frustration everyone feels is understood as is the reactionary approach of people that have posted to various blogs. Adminsitration is an insolvency process, the Adminsitrators are dealing with a Company that has failed and all that that implies for the accuracy of that Company’s records and delivery systems.

    Paypal did not block the transfer of funds at 31.1.08. Had they done so, buyers would have paid for and may have recieved goods but the sellers would have not received their funds. As previously stated, an Administrator has a duty to ALL creditors.

  169. Hi, I’ve just heard about my paypal claim – It has gone in my favour – make sure you all lodge a claim soon.

    “Dear David Jones,

    We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your

    We were able to recover £ GBP, and this amount has been credited to
    you. Please allow five business days for this adjustment to be posted.

    If you are due any additional funds, we will make our best effort to
    recover the balance from the seller.

    If the seller’s account has insufficient funds to complete the refund owed
    to you, please be assured that we will take appropriate action against the
    seller’s account, which may include limitation of the seller’s account

    Good luck to everyone with a claim in.

    Also thank you for the advice and support given here – it gave me a lot of reassurance. 😆

  170. Great news, Dave, well done.

    Reflecting on what realitycheck has said above, I think this situation is an extreme illustration of the importance of communication between buyers and sellers. Almost all the problems on this thread could have been avoided if there had been more communication and buyers had been kept informed what was going on.

  171. Sue-

    I agree & although realitycheck has popped up now with a bit of attitude, much of this could have been avoided by telling people the truth & keeping them informed with the RIGHT information.

    Oh well, lets hope ‘alls well that ends well’….ah

  172. can a snipe be valid if you and Chrissie are the only ones to see how many comments ahve been left? 😕

    Or am I missing a new stat from somewhere?

  173. At the bottom of the post, just before the comments start, Lynne – you should see
    “202 Responses to “Auctioning4u – The dying throes””

  174. ah, yes, you are right of course…

    it was a heck of a long way up….. 😯

    Does anyone know of the highest number of comments to a blog post at any time?

  175. I don’t think anything useful comes out of comment threads that long tbh. Later posters don’t read the earlier posts, so the risk of everything being very repetitive is high.

  176. woahhhhhhh there boyo…… I NEVER volunteer for anything unless there are copious amounts of champagne involved….

    edit: and girlyo…

  177. I think auctioning4u was always set to fail in the UK,
    I mean come on! 10 weeks turnaround, we can do it in 3!
    commision still 33 percent on items that sell for over a Grand!, we only take 12%
    £4M invested into it, are they crazy?, a good business i believe starts from home, like us, we are basicly doing the same thing, but on a much much smaller scale, And we have only invested £5K, £3K of which is our cash float.
    Ok its early days for us, but our market, is both those who havn’t got time to auction thier items, and also those who are in need of cash, similar to cashconverters type shops.
    I think we have a winning formular, well lets see…..



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