eBay elsewhere : links for 24th February


The Times takes a look at online auctions and alternatives to eBay.

Forbes considers what JD will need to do to restore eBay to its past glories. (IMHO: stop looking back to 1998 and start looking forward to 2018 would be the place to start.)

Gary E. Sattler writes yet another sneery piece about eBay. Considering he’s previously said he neither buys nor sells on the site, I don’t know why he’s so bothered.

Predictably, though, most of the eBay coverage everywhere this week has been about The Strike. Here are just a few of dozens of pieces I’ve read:

Michael Fowlkes says the seller strike plays into the hands of eBay’s smaller competitors.

David A. Utter says the seller strike is having minimal effect, and hints that smaller sellers off eBay could be just what the company wants.

The BBC has a piece written by someone who says “although I have an account on eBay my reputation as a seller or buyer doesn’t really matter that much to me.” Er, right then.

The Guardian has a couple of interesting quotes from sellers.

12 Responses

  1. “The fact that Tamebay has shifted more than 10,000 items on eBay shows that it works, ”

    bleeding journalists ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  2. Yeah North – it’s not exactly TameBay that have shifted 10,000 items and if you count TameBay as Sue and my sales combined it should be more like getting on for 100,000 items ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. I know that really… I just think it would be nice if journo’s checked their info before printing it….

    I could spend HOURS looking for the speciialist eBay Antiques auction site mentioned in the Times, if I didn’t know it didn’t exist…. ๐Ÿ™„
    or then again…. maybe I live in a different world?

  4. the times guy is talking thru his hat and filling space
    there are a few dozen auction rooms you can bid live on via the net

  5. The Forbes piece is v absorbing: worth ten minutes of any serious eBay seller’s time imho.

    The BBC piece is a bit pony.

    The Guardian piece… well, I just don’t know why people feel it necessary to use such language. ;o)

  6. ebay, journalists etc cant see the wood for the trees,
    their looking for some complicated economic and eureka esque answer,
    while the answer is simple
    ebay itself is now too complicated,
    too many categories ,too many listing enhancments, too many feedback systems , too many rules regulations and procedures

  7. What I want to know is – When will Google enter the Online Auctions market? It’s been rumoured for ages, yet no confirmation if it is an aim of theirs or when.
    Google are probably the only current online company with the resources and reputation to break the ebay monopoly on online auctions and start some serious competition.

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