Hello Chris John err someone


eBay loginI’m the only person with the password to my eBay account so I was rather surprised to log in this week and find my name had changed to John.

I had borrowed someone else’s PC to log onto eBay whilst visiting their offices and unsurprisingly their name is John. I’m at a loss to explain why logging into eBay with my User ID and Password would display their name though, after all eBay and PayPal tell us they’ll address us by name so that we can be confident it’s not a spoof. If they get it wrong it’s not a great form of protection.

Logging out and logging in a second time cleared the issue.

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  1. Ouch! This is good to know. Of course the possibility of us ever logging into our eBay account on someone else’s computer is very remote as our password is very ugly and certainly isn’t something we can remember.

  2. For some time my SMP page has been calling me

    Hello, LykAAA** (josordoni).

    All the other pages get my name right.

    I’ve got used to it now, although I hope it doesn’t catch on down the pub… ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    ( but I suppose it depends on how you pronounce it…. ๐Ÿ™„ )

  3. When eBay (US) first rolled it out several months ago, it didn’t matter if you had used another PC to log in.

    It was just adding random names, so you could be someone else everytime you logged in.

  4. When I log on using my PC which is only used by me for a single eBay account, my name is displayed as jg* …

  5. I’ve got two IDs – one business and one personal. If I’m logged into the personal one, and then open a business Ebay mail in Outlook, when I click on Respond, it takes me into my personal ID but lets me respond to the mail.
    So the poor customer gets a reply from a complete stranger!
    Done this several times (not the quickest learner!) but it should let me reply to someone else’s Ebay mail.
    It also shows personal ID at top of page yet shows business listings…… the joy of not-quite-right cookies
    You have been warned……

  6. I have that problem a LOT, Rachel – I have three main selling IDs for a start, so it’s incredibly easy to respond from the wrong one. I wish they’d do something about it.

  7. We had this problem in the UK late last year. Each time I logged in I had a different forename! (right acount name) ๐Ÿ˜
    This also happened to 100’s of others. We eventually conviced ebay it was a glitch and they fixed it. ๐Ÿ™„

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