World's biggest music collection for sale on eBay

No primary category set can be yours on eBay for – at the moment – a mere $3 million (approx. ร‚ยฃ1.5 million or €2 million) The collection comprises 1.5 million 45s, a million+ LPs, 300,000 CDs, thousands of 78s, and a lot of miscellaneous cassettes, eight-tracks, etc. The collection is bigger than the sound recordings archive at the Library of Congress and, “from Thomas Edison to American Idol”, represents fifty years work by its owner, Paul Mawhinney.

It’s hoped that a philanthropist or collector will buy the collection and create a museum around it. The lucky winner will also gain the rights to several cleaning and preservation products, and, so the answers to the ASQs say, “we can probably thrown in the shelves”. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone, and if it were in the UK, I’d be agitating for it to be bought for the nation.

Just don’t let Mr Biddy bid on it; we have enough vinyl around here already ๐Ÿ˜‰

16 Responses

  1. Firstly I dispute that this is anything like the biggest collection in the world, but if it is how mad would you have to be to sell it on ebay rather than through a real auction house with prepproved bidders, after taking out all the rarity’s?

  2. not so mad
    real auction houses dont really accomodate this sort of item, the dont get the foot fall
    and their commission rates are high

    ebay is the specialist when it comes to this sort of item

  3. though in my experiance people selling their life time passion totally over rate the actual market value

  4. Question for the US readers here – are you REALLY more interested in the person behind the item than the item itself?

    this isn’t a sarky question, I am interested to know if the cultural difference I seem to see if real or only apparent. I know my US buyers, if they are happy with an item, will give a lot of background info on themselves, and want to know about me too. As a suitably AR English person, I find this odd – no Englishman of my acquaintance would dream of that level of personality in an email.

    (except my Mum of course, but then she is getting rather old and tells her life story to the butcher ๐Ÿ™„ )

  5. bet ya the bbc has a fair few lumps of music hiding in the corners,
    personally I really cant see the point
    its like those anoraks that collect videos or magazines etc huge collections that they will never watch or read again
    taking up huge areas of their homes

  6. I wonder if my undisputed worlds largest collection of tax demand and final warning letters are worth anything

  7. PMSL, someone’s asked him about the strike:
    A: When we listed this, we were unaware of a pending boycott and certainly can’t suspend the listing now. I don’t know what the issues surrounding to boycott are, but I believe boycotts end up doing little more than irritating people peacefully trying to do business. In a free market, businesses succeed or fail one customer at a time. If you’re unhappy with eBay, take your business elsewhere, but don’t ask me to financially support your decision.

  8. You’d think if six people could afford $3m they’d have been able to afford more than $2150 in loose change to win! Cheapskates! (Although I wouldn’t mind being a cheapskate with $3m in loose change ๐Ÿ˜› )


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