eBay increase online ad spend 400%

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According to latest Nielson figures, eBay increased their online advertising spend 397% in 2007 spending almost £20m. This has makes them one of the biggest online spenders, second only to Personal Loan Express who spent £28m.

eBay’s online advertising accounts for 55.89% of their total media spend giving a total advertising budget in the region of £35m for 2007. It’s good to know they’re investing so much to attract buyers to the site. It also gives an indication of the budget competitors will need if they wish to compete for buyers in this marketplace.

In comparison Amazon was the ninth biggest spender with a £9.8m spend. This was an increase of 1977% from 2006 and represents almost 99% of Amazon’s total ad budget.

Mcdonalds, Sky, Capital One, Virgin and Dell are all ranked in the top 100 online advertisers and also advertise on ebay. It would be interesting to know just how much eBay recoup from advertising on eBay, from the top 100 spenders, to balance what they’re spending.

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4 Responses

  1. hey big spender…..

    all the ingredients are there, but haven’t seen an ad agency employ them to great effect for ebay ……. yet! (said with sincere optimism & high hopes).

    eg – the orange campaign, superb top dollar marriage of all creative resources/ingredients to evolve a brand marque of distinction.

    as for ebays own advertising buyers that place ads on the site….

    wish ebay wouldn’t ‘take the buck’ featuring advertisments that might drive buyers directly away from the site, hurting those other ebay customers in the ‘small adds’ section aka sellers listings.


  2. Is this “ebay online advertising” just google adwords? I haven’t seen any other online advertising for ebay other than this. Be interesting to see what else they do apart from pump £ into Google. (anyone care to share?)
    They seem only too eager to spend on whatever keywords people type into Google these days. If you type my little puny website name (not the .co.uk part) into Google, ebay has it as a Google adword! (it usually comes up on the right under Amazon’s advert.)

  3. Sorry, I didn’t come to the point did I?
    If you click the google adword link to ebay that comes up if you type my website name into search box, then results are zero. Waste of money?

  4. Trouble is Louise that there are so many words out there that they’re bulk buys. eBay dont check each individual word to decide to buy it or not – rather it’s an automated process.

    I’m not sure what other online advertising eBay are doing currently but they used to advertise in places like Yahoo! email.


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