eBay refund sellers for undercharged postage


For a few hours on Thursday, eBay.com’s shipping calculator was working incorrectly. The bug meant that buyers of “a very small number of listings” were undercharged postage. An announcement tonight says that sellers will automatically receive a credit from eBay for the undercharged postage in the next few days.

I have to say, this is unheard of. The eBay I’ve been dealing with for the last eight years would have said “we don’t guarantee anything”, pointed angry members to the user agreement that says they don’t guarantee anything, and probably blamed sellers for not fighting with buyers over underpaid shipping charges.

The eBay that recompenses sellers for their glitches, just like the eBay that’s finally settled with MercExchange, is an eBay I can deal with. More of this, please, JD.

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  1. No idea Sue, I was going to ask you the same thing. As I’m no longer a Powerseller I don’t have access to that forum any more and I just can’t cope with Q&A.

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